April 15, 2016


The War of Core Services: Media Owner Vs. Advertising Agency

The various platforms of media are pivotal in advertising campaigns.  All campaigns rely on help from both print and digital media in order to be successful.  When it comes to planning media a hot topic is the comparison between the services of media owners and advertising agencies.  Knowing what they can offer to an advertisement is key to understanding the process. 

The main concern of many clients is the cost of planning an advertisement; however, the reality is that there is a lot more than just money.  Successful strategy, creative content, and effective buying are all required to produce a great campaign.


Advertising Agencies

Advertising agencies deal with the whole process of planning, producing, and distributing the advertisement via an effective strategy.  The roles of an advertising agency is to-

  • Research the market and select appropriate media
  • Create business objectives for both products and services
  • Buy media on behalf of clients using assigned resources

Advertising agencies also work with media buying agencies to purchase media for their clients.


Media Owners

Media owners are the ones who own the platforms that the advertisements appear on.  This can be anything digital or print, including: air time, magazine space, newspaper blocks, and/or broadcast slots.  The role of a media owner is to-

  • Quote prices for advertisements and media buying
  • Arrange for advertisements to appear in media as booked by clients


The Comparison

Many clients have started to sign directly with media owners in hopes that they will eliminate the expenditure of the media services when hiring an advertising agency.  It may sound like a good idea when you look at it briefly.

Because media owners have caught on to the trend they have started to offer competitive prices to get clients to work with them instead of hiring an advertising agency.  When clients see this they are lured away from a full service advertising agency.  While an advertising agency does approach media owners as the last step in the process of creating an ad it is not all about the money.  

When you select a media owner they will print the ads in the way that is most beneficial to their resources.  For example if you contact a radio channel owner they are going to play air ads but it won’t emphasize anything about print ads.  This means that your advertisement is lacking.

Advertising agencies review the needs of a client and strategically plan to sign with the media owner that is right for the client.  They also determine what platforms are required.  Advertising agencies work with clients from the beginning while media owners don’t start until later into the process.

As a flexible A&P services agency, CUBEevo provides all of the services needed for your ad campaign, including media planning and buying.  A list of the media connections we have is created and then discussed with the client so they understand the process.  Being able to provide assistance during all stages of the process gives clients a much better option.