January 26, 2016


Seeing Through Agency Titles

Ever felt confused about which advertising company suits your goal when you start looking for one? Ever been so lost that you have asked “Why are they all ‘advertising agencies’ when they offered services so different from one another?”

Worry not. You’re not alone.

There are many service providers out there that call themselves advertising agencies. To name a few, there are digital media companies, media buying companies, creative companies, field-specialized companies and much more. Many of these companies, like any other companies out there in the world, promise solutions that will carry you up from the start until the end. However, most of them offer only a one-way solution. Even when approached through the consultancy of what the client had wished for, these companies usually brings up only what they are specialized in. For an example, Company X which specializes in digital matter would propose to do the advertising best in digital form, while Company Y which specializes in print matter would propose doing the advertising best in print form, even though it is the exact same product from the exact same client. With all these many advertising but ‘different’ companies sprouted up around the Internet, it is a no wonder that there are misunderstandings about the title advertising agencies all the time.

But how? What should I do?

Well, if you wish to look out for the best advertising partner, you first need to learn to look pass their title. Allow us to share you a little secret about why companies try to pass themselves off as ‘advertising agencies’. 


#1: A Simple Title

Through many researches, it has been proven that people like shorter words, and that includes not only brand names, but also friend’s or family’s name, which is the primary reason why many people like to call someone they knew well shorter nicknames or clipped names.  Check out the picture on top. It is the name of a real place on earth. Ugh! It’s giving hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia, right?

A company’s title is no different.

If you refer to your company, let’s say, as the ‘Creative Strategy and Communications Firm’, clients wouldn’t be able to remember all that. It also takes up a lot of space on your website, causing it to look cramped. Many people, especially the ones not in the same field which seek for the expertise of the field, will not be able to relate either. Both ‘Creative Strategy’ and ‘Creative Communication’ are jargons in this sense and both are considered as some form of advertising. So instead, by just using the word ‘advertising’, it is much simpler.


#2: A One-Stop Solution

When a company calls themselves an advertising agency, it sounded more attractive as the word advertising is familiar in many’s vocabulary. It gives the impression to the clients where it is a stop that does everything in the market. Clients assume that the company has everything they needed and are able spare the time and effort to search for any other service providers. 

Try to imagine this: if you see a company titled: Branding Design Company, what would you think of?

A typical answer to this would be: “A company that does only branding designs, and that’s all.” It makes the company seemed somewhat limited. Thus, by using ‘advertising’ instead, it made the company appear as if the company can ‘handle it all’. 



#3: A Magnet

With what it seemed to be able to ‘handle it all’, potential clients are much easily drawn in like a magnet no matter in which field they are from. They will perceive the company as a company that is capable of doing everything that is needed, necessary and required to promote the particular products or services that they are offering. It is a gimmick of creating business that sells without the clients’ understanding. 

The Company for You

So which company suits me the best, you ask? Well, here’s the answer:

There are many ways to go about advertising like Branding, Media Selection, Creative Strategies. Guerilla Advertising, Product Placement and Media Agency Booking. However, as mentioned, majority of these advertising agencies only specialize in one of the categories above, providing only a limited amount of reach.

However, things do not have to go about just one way. Customers could also be reached through many other ways that are not just limited to, for instance, media or print. Many customers would most likely be overlooked because of the limitation of how much the ‘one-way advertising’ could reach. Not everyone reads newspaper, and not everyone always hits the cinema either. There are more rooms in which people could miss the ads. The right way to do these advertising is to mix different varieties in order to maximize the output of the campaign. 

Hence, the best companies are hybrid companies that focus on two or more categories. A company like these will be able to air most of the possible options of advertising and allows clients to choose in which variety they prefer most. Better still, the company is also able to give genuine advices from these range of options as they are able to deliver any of these advertising ways according to clients’ needs without the need of worrying about losing clients to other competitors. Most importantly, clients are able to reach even further to their target markets through the right way after analyzing what there are for them.