January 28, 2016


What Are The Different Types Of Agencies In The Market?

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Branding Agency vs. Creative Agency vs. Media Agency


In the era of the modern world today, more and more forms of advertising are developing. Marketing, in this era, relies heavily on the advantage of the digital world to maximize their sales. In such, advertising agencies are doing more business than ever.

Whenever one wants to start out a business, there’s no denying that the first step of the business itself is to advertise the company itself. However, not many are aware of the different types of advertising agencies out there, and which of them are suitable for their respective businesses.

Worry not. You won’t be one of them. Here we give you a general idea on what to expect from each type of the advertising agencies.

There are three (3) major categories of advertising agencies, namely, Branding Agencies, Creative Agencies, and Media Agencies.  Each one of these agencies has their own key focus.  


Branding Agencies

Some markets rely heavily on their image. A Branding Agency helps with just that, creating the iconic visual representation that symbolizes the company.  The current term for this ‘business image’ is what people call brand, hence the name branding agencies.  These agencies focus on developing business’s brand into a solid and recognizable form so that it is easily remembered and identifiable by the customers. Designing a brand is not the only job they do. They also offer a large variety of services such as packaging, name card, uniform, profile and etc, that keeps the brand consistent all across. Branding Agencies are also willing to work with clients from scratch, on its blueprint level, a brand that is in the middle of the progress, or brand that is almost in its end work but needed help. Agencies like these are costly and tend to only be used by companies when a definitive branding or rebranding is needed.




Creative Agencies

Creative Agencies are what they are called everyone’s advertising agencies. These agencies are what most people think about when they thought of looking for an advertising agency despite the many types out there. They produce actual advertisements that customers see it very commonly, be it in the form of paper such as brochures or flyers, billboards or digital media. However, the downside of these agencies is that, they only carry out in the creation of media, and because of this, it is most likely insufficient to rely on just this agency to do full advertising on a new business. Other agencies are needed in order to fill in the gaps.




Media Agencies

A Media Agency is the type of advertising agency that focuses on buying and selling places for advertisements as well as the time in which advertisements will be placed in. They work with TV and radio channels and are more involved in the arrangement of video and audio advertisements. They also work with print media sources such as newspapers and magazines for their ad spaces. It is one of their responsibilities to ensure that the advertisements are printed on the intended spaces and aired on the channels on the intended time. While it might sound effective especially for TV, because almost everyone watches TV, the cost isn’t. Media Agencies only act after the Creative Agencies had completed in preparing its ‘creative products’ so that they could air them or place them in the ad spaces.




Hybrid Agencies

Apart from the major three, there is a category that is called Hybrid Agencies. Some advertising agencies are hybrid agencies that incorporate two or even all three agencies together into one. 

Unlike individual agencies where you can distinguish the role of each, hybrid agencies have multiple roles and offer multiple services to their clients. Just like how products are called 2-in-1, 3-in-1 or all-in-1, these agencies give great convenience and have a very versatile nature. They can often help clients more than just one agency could without having them running here and there to switch for different agencies for different types of advertising services.

CUBEevo is an example of a hybrid agency. An agency like this is not common. They can help fulfill their clients’ needs much better than a traditional agency could because of the flexibility that they have. For an instance, in an agency that offers both branding and creative services, the brands and ads will be able to synchronize without having the need to worry about problems like colours. Many might overlook it, but a little change in the colours can have a huge impact on the customers. It could raise suspicion and doubts about the genuineness of the product. Furthermore, people who are working on your brands and ads themselves are from the same place. This enables better communications in between departments instead of between agencies which increase the chance of misunderstanding. Having too many parties involving in a transaction is not a good idea as every time the message is sent, naturally, part of the information will be missing, and this is inevitable. Also, this makes it easy for the clients to communicate, sparing the trouble to repeat themselves to different agencies. While traditional companies have their own specializations, it is important to consider in the shoes of the clients.