Why go for Online?

Are you online? A common question asked in this digital and internet world. A life in internet has made things moving very fast in every second 24/7 nonstop and it has changed the way we live and do business drastically. To stay alive, we are bound to catch up with it or else we would be left behind and worst, redundant.

The capability of Google and other search engines are improving daily enormously to provide information and other useful services to the whole world. The world is changing even when we’re sleeping, and Information is just a click away. With a smartphone at hand we can search, communicate and receive information from around the globe. We must ride on the benefits it provides and use it to our advantage.

What are the tools for online & How do we use it?

(1) Corporate Website

Having a corporate website is better to have one billboard on highways now whereby online users can obtain your company information much easier. People would like to know more about our company before engaging business with us. The fastest way to get that is our company website whereby our company profile, experiences, strengths and etc. are easily accessible. Surely, a profound company website will help to lift up our company image and also serve as a good advertising tool. Bear in mind, smart consumers now can simply find our competitors in just a few seconds, by online.

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(2) Microsite

Sometimes we prefer things that are simple and nice, perhaps precise. A microsite is a simplified straightforward website specially caters for specific needs and very suitable for campaign purpose. It can be either independent website or park under main corporate website. It provides a platform for interaction with the targeted audience, for example to play a fun game or to get a free gift by filling up questionnaire. This is very powerful tool to engage the audience to know the brand. By having a microsite, you need to have a very specific goal in order to make it achievable.

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(3) E-Commerce

Why limit our business boundaries to a small regime where it could be widened through E-commerce? We could trade countrywide or even worldwide with the present of the E-commerce facility available now. This is mainly because the online world has changed the way we do shopping that makes life more convenient and have more time to focus on more important things in life.

According to a marketing research done in US recently, about 40% of business is contributed by E-Commerce and the figure is still counting and definitely growing. By adopting this idea of doing business we have to reorganize our company’s structure and resources but we shall witness a good return in terms of sales and to remain competitive in the market. The fact is this is a great marketing tool which is more cost effective and efficient whereby human factors are minimized, because we may not need a middleman or distributor to promote our products anymore. Just discuss with CUBEevo and its team to cater a good one for you.


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(4) Social Media

People talk about Facebook & YouTube every day to catch up with the latest trend now. People have become so engaged with it that every other minutes to refresh the page to see new feeds. And of course, when it becomes so popular it has now become a powerful advertising tool for business.

Facebook has over 1.65 billion active users and 300 million advertisers as in March 2016. Can you imagine by one like and share will spread your post to thousands of people instantly? Let’s talk about the advantages of having a Facebook advertisement.


Personal touch

Users are able to comment and feedback on the post that encourages interaction and engagement with them that leads to loyalty in return.



Facebook Messenger can be a good communication platform to improve customer service. And customers’ queries can be solved very quickly. In additional, it is also simple to manage.


Drives traffic

It boosts up the website ranking when there is huge traffic coming in. Eventually you can boost up your reputation.


Right target

Since Facebook & YouTube has their data to know users’ habit & interest, and hence you can find your target audience easily.

(5) Search Engines

You may have a company website already but is it useful or has it achieved the purpose you were intended? A website needs to be updated consistently to catch up with the ever changing business environment. It is a total meaningless website built in the jungle that people get lost in finding you. Therefore, for an effective website, the utmost important thing to do is to drive traffic via Search Engine Optimization (SEO) & Search Engine Marketing (SEM). Next is conversion by allowing your visitors to contact you and close the deal. Therefore, both SEO & SEM is very important to enable people to locate your website when they type a few keywords on the search bar.



Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

"Feed the bots, get your crops"

SEO- It's like farming except, you're reaping web visibility.


How do we make our website visible to potential customers?
Three Letters - SEO. The minute potential customers look for similar products or businesses by feeding search engine robots the important clues & properly structured content whereby it could recognize, SEO gets to work by optimizing the chances of being found online naturally. It's like sowing the seeds and using the search engine robots to fertilize the land. And if you pray to the God of harvest (SEO) hard enough you reap in the harvest in the form of web visibility/ web traffic.


Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

"Soar up the ranks, at the speed of light"

SEM- It's like investing in a rocket except, the rocket is an advertising space.


Search Engine Marketing (SEM) means you buy creative advertisement space to allow your audience to easily find you. The most common two ways to achieve optimized level are, Pay Per Click advertising (PPC), whereby you pay when users click on your website, and Paid Inclusion in Search Engines, where you pay for the advertising space provided by the search engine. It's like investing in a rocket and launching it. It's faster than waiting naturally like SEO and the best part is that you can see the ranking instantly.


(6) Google Display Network (GDN)

You view many sites every single day. Do you know all the possible advertisement pop up on front of you are from the Google’s arrangement? You can do so to advertise around the world by using GDN as long as you have simple texts, an image, or a video to play. You are what you search, I know, it is terrifying. This is because Google knows who you are and what you like to see online. And hence Google will show an advertisement content that attracts the right person. However, we all know that GDN is only for awareness purpose. You won’t get the sales conversion if you are not strong in product quality, website clarity & customer services.


CUBEevo and its team are capable and experienced in creating you online digital platform. Why wait when you can get your business online by now? Get in touch with us and we will lead you to experience the powerful marketing tools below: