Packaging Design


The 4P’s of marketing (Product, Pricing, Placement and Promotion) have been used excessively to enable your brand to engage with your target audience effectively. For a new brand or lesser known brand, it’s hard to compete with strong existing brands that have their own existing customers. Design may be subjective but it is not arbitrary. In a globalized market, marketers will try anything new to reach consumers in all sorts of ways to buy including- packaging design.

Packaging Design and the 5Ps


Packaging and Product

Packaging design gets your product noticed. No matter how amazing your product is, people will not know it if they are not tempted to take the time to pick the product up and further examine it. People browse around so it takes seconds to catch their eye.

Think of packaging design as a marketing tool for your product to be a self-selling. When you get consumers fixated on your product, then they will take the time to examine the product. Packaging design is not just about making a product ‘pretty’. At CUBEevo, we provide copywriting services to highlight the core benefits of products with the most enticing words. The words on the packaging sets the tone and feel of your product.

People buy into looks. The more incredible the packaging looks compared to the other packaging, the more likely people will convince themselves that the product must be as amazing as it looks. Although there is a saying of ‘don’t judge a book by its covers’, human nature can’t help but judge and they can’t help but be attracted to a great packaging design.


Packaging and People

Certain packaging designs are meant to target certain demographics cohorts. With the combination of consumerism, materialism and social media, people tend to relate customer experience with packaging design of certain products.


As proof, Youtube has thousands of videos of people unboxing and reviewing their shopping haul. And they take pride in their conquest especially when the packaging design is worth the keeps and not the trash. Jonathan Ive, currently Apple’s Chief Design Officer once said, “You design a ritual of unpacking to make the product feel special. Packaging can be theater, it can create a story.” People care not only about the feeling of using the product but also of the packaging. So much so that some people keep the packaging even after using the product.

Wine "Glasses" Packaging


Packaging and Pricing

The costs in packaging design can include, design, material, craftsmanship or processing cost. A good packaging doesn’t necessarily have a high cost. But it doesn’t mean you should sell short and reduce as much cost as possible. The production cost of the packaging should be reflected through the end design and its value.

In this globalized age, consumers are very price sensitive. The aim of packaging design is to increase the perceived value of the product. A great packaging design helps justify why a product is more expensive than its competitors. So, your consumers will not be too bother even if the price of your product is higher than another relatively same product. 


Packaging and Place

Place or the place of distribution of the product is key in packaging design. A POP (Point of purchase) display is usually used to highlight the position of your product and it compliments well with the packaging. Without packaging design, it will just be a boring mini stall. 

With limited space and other products in the store, stackability and wise usage of space is important to ensure the visibility of your product. Packaging design done right can guarantee the safety of your product when stacked and maximize the visibility of your product among other competitors.


Packaging and Promotion

Packaging is often categorized in promotion elements of the marketing mix. However, not many know how great an impact packaging makes. Packaging design not only promotes the sales but it also promotes the brand as a whole. It is highly linked to the image of your brand. When you say Maggi people picture the packaging and the product. When you say Nestle, you imagine their product and their current packaging. Packaging can be more impressionable than most people believe it to be on your brand.


At CUBEevo, we design with a purpose. We understand that certain designs resonates well with different demographic cohorts. And we know that effective engagement with the target audience is the goal in marketing. So, we believe that the best marketing tool to use should be the thing that engages with the consumers the most- Packaging Design.