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Step by step with CUBEevo


Our Process

Is the corner stone where our client's & design team's

Face it, we can never get a job done WELL if we never do any research.
This is the stage where we get to know about you, our clients.
...And we analyze every detail given to us. Like we said, we want a job done WELL!
Here's where the fun starts, prepping and planning for your advertising strategies.
It gets real at this point, because this is where we really begin to bring all your dreams and wishes to life.
Relax, we're doing the heavy lifting, You just have to evaluate our work - simple!


01 Step inside, you are most welcome to browse around and see what people think about us.
02 Give us a call, or by all means, send us an email once you learn about us.
03 And now it's time for CUBEevo to get to know you. You can appoint us anytime to describe your business.
04 CUBEevo promises to deliver exceptional results and surpass your expectations with the right amount of resources and we would not exclude the possibilities of a pitching job.
05 Before we begin any project, we start by quoting the prices for all the tasks that you require us to do.
06 Once we have come to an agreement, a contract will be prepared for our confirmation.
07 The client has to make a 50% down payment 3 working days after an agreement has been confirmed before we begin our work.
08 We at CUBEevo will put this 3 working days to good use by analyzing, understanding and doing further research on an initial basis.
09 The client will receive a project timeline once payment is received on CUBEevo's end. Rest assured, we deliver on time.
10 You can ring us up or email us any time you like if you have any thoughts about the project. We are flexible about that.
11 The only thing that is not flexible about us is our copyright material source files which will be stored as uneditable PDF or AI format upon delivery.
12 In the end, let's be clear. It all comes down to what you need, we engage you to work with us because we promise you it will be an unforgettable experience.