What is Advertising Campaign & Why Advertising Campaign?


Business is hard to come by and competition in the market is always heightened. Companies now couldn’t afford to stay idle and do nothing; otherwise, business would be swallowed up completely by their competitors, leaving nothing left behind for them. In order to survive in such environment, initiating a marketing plan is an effective step to reach the target audiences.

One of the best marketing plans known is to hold a advertising campaign. Everybody loves themes. And everybody loves stories. We are pretty sure you have seen a few advertising campaigns before and even liked some of them, too. The recent hype for Korean dramas and superstars give a good example of an advertising campaign. One of the largest online marketplace: 11 Street Malaysia, used a series of video commercials to tell a love story starring Korean superstar Lee Min Ho and Malaysian actress Emily Chan.


So how does this love story relate to 11 Street?

Through the story told, audiences are able to experience what it is to be like living in a world of Korean drama in Malaysian context. There is also the message at the same time in the video that tells the audiences they could find what they love in 11 Street. It is in a way giving the audiences what they like, especially the fans, and at the same time, encouraging them to buy at the site. Of course, by having the Korean Superstar in the campaign, the endorsement is even stronger. Using the items on the site would also mean like using what the Korean Superstar is using.



This is what Advertising Campaign is all about. It is a series of conceptualized advertising activities through presses, radio, TV, events and any other materials that tell a consistent story that flows in one direction with a clear objective. This is a fantastic way to create awareness and attract different types of new customers or target markets, especially when you’re about to launch a new product or lead a sales campaign.


Previous Thematic Campaigns

Looking back your past marketing activities, you may have tried to do a few yourself. You might have conducted a few thematic campaigns or something similar during some festive seasons, but the results were not so encouraging to do it again and you didn’t know why.

Here, we could do a post-mortem and a critical review for you from all aspects. 

The root of the problem that had caused the undesired outcome is usually the theme itself. The theme was either not clear or sharp enough to catch the audiences’ attention, or the audiences were simply not able to see the relevance at all. Having a good theme but not a good portraying results in a contrary effect where audiences could feel insulted using the theme that way and began to avoid supporting your products. Apart from those, there could be problems during the implementation of the campaigns. Taking a wrong step such as a wrong timing, could be fatal. Money will be spent, and revenue is not generated enough to cover.

To run an advertising campaign is never easy. It involves in a lot of detailed planning and tedious work from the very beginning of brainstorming for the best idea, planning, organizing, up to the stage of execution. All of these stages must be well managed and coordinated in order to reach its goal. This is the reason why a thematic campaign is best run along with professionals. With the knowledge of your own goods, and our experience and specialization in the field, together, we can make a thematic campaign successful. In addition, by allowing us to handle for you, you’ll be able concentrate on your business endeavor with a peace of mind. 



Why us?

No matter if it’s a new product launching or a new store opening, or if it’s you or us, both of our ultimate wish is to make it big and successful. Afterall, a new product or a new store is like a newborn baby, which is always good news waiting to be shared to the whole world. 


An advertising campaign includes any kind of visual and communicative concepts. We’re competent in planning, structuring as well as executing a full scale marketing campaign based on our capabilities listed below.

  • Campaign Logo

  • Campaign Thematic slogan

  • Offline Media Planning

  • Brochure Design

  • Press Ad Design

  • Magazine Ad Design

  • Radio Ad Script Writing & Recording

  • TVC Production

  • POSM (Point-of-Sales Material) Design

  • Event Organizing

  • Online Campaign Planning & Design

  • Microsite Development