Ever wondered what advertising would look like with a costume on?

The spooky season is commonly known as the time to dress up in wacky costumes, going to special Halloween parties and the most popular thing of all… trick-or-treating.

But of course, Halloween isn’t just all that as some might choose to spend it differently than others.

For example, watching a classic horror film, getting some friends over for a night of ghost stories and superstitious rituals, and even going out on a Halloween-themed date night with their significant other.

With so many people jumping on this bandwagon, it would be a waste if advertising agencies and businesses didn’t take advantage of this opportunity to do something special with it!

Be it creative projects, or coming out with a special product line for Halloween… capitalizing on this celebration will create a ton of excitement as people will want to get their hands on anything that helps them get in on the spooky mood even more.  

Eager to get started yet? Well, if you’re looking for some spooky inspirations, here are some fun Halloween ideas you can try for your advertising agency/business.

01. Spookif-y Your Products To Draw Attention From People

Dressing up your products in a costume (figuratively) doesn’t have to be difficult at all!

You could do this in a variety of ways; from the packaging’s design all the way down to the actual product!

In fact, this is a great time for an advertising agency to expand their creative directions and experiment with ‘themed’ ideas for their projects. Even more so, businesses can get creative  like their agency counterparts do by cooking up some playful ideas on their own to complement the products they’re selling.

For example…

Image source

M&Ms takes a minimalist approach by creating a limited edition product line through the signature Halloween colors of both orange and black to get people into the festive spirit.

Another example:

Image source
Image source

Burger King released a Halloween Whopper to get in on the spooky fun alongside other alternatives such as this throughout the many years of Halloween. This is done so by playing around with the signature and complementary colors (red to signify blood, green to signify goo and so on), to dress their products up in a fun and playful manner.  

If you don’t feel like doing something to your original product, you could follow this example instead.

Image source

Having product add-ons can help get your brand or creative projects into the spooky mood as well without having the hassle of creating entirely new product lines for the celebrations.

Not to mention, putting a Halloween twist onto your product’s packaging designs such as this.

Image source

Doing so creates an opportunity for your brand to showcase a lighthearted side, which can help garner consumer and media attention.

After all, people are naturally drawn to businesses who seem more ‘human’. This goes back to the subtle psychological idea where people would rather buy from another person who has emotions, dreams, and challenges, than from a faceless corporation who only care about profits.

While capitalizing on events is a great way to do that, here’s an article that explores some other different ways to humanize your brand to stand out from the competition.

02. Give Your Content A Halloween Makeover To Get People In The Spooky Mood

Let’s say your business is based off entirely on the digital front, where you don’t have any physical products for sale… what can you do then?  

Well, like any online business, content becomes your best friend! This replacement helps you capitalize on the Halloween fun as other brick-and-mortar businesses do, but in a slightly different manner.

Here’s what I mean:

Image source

Putting out Halloween-themed content (visuals and the written word) for your customers/followers online.  

Although Disneyland’s actual product is the experience you get from visiting their amusement parks, rides, etc, you could still make use of the digital landscape (social media and your website) to join in on the Halloween fun as well.

And if you noticed their caption, they turned it into an opportunity to engage with their followers by creating a competition, which gets them to interact with the business by tagging them and using hashtags to generate attention for their brand.

Here’s another example:

Image source

Like Disneyland’s content, this brand turns it into a competition for customers by rewarding them with a prize at the end, in return for engaging with the business through various means.

In this context, customers are required to move around different pages of the site to look for ‘hidden pumpkins’, which seems absurd from a business perspective at first.

But if you look closer, their customers will actually be spending more time on their site which opens up the opportunity to collect leads, a higher likelihood of browsing and purchasing different products, and better yet... come across special discounts and promotions that could attract them into spending!

Essentially, you’re getting your customers’ attention and time, which from a business perspective is incredibly valuable. But on the off-chance that your business or advertising agency is heavily dominant on the content writing side, here’s a simple trick you can use:

Based on these examples, giving your written content a Halloween makeover is a fun way to spice things up for your readers.

In fact, it gives writers the fun challenge of thinking up some creative ways to write their content around the ‘spooky’ theme. These can range from including Halloween-themed references (movies, ghost stories, pop-culture jargons, etc) to Halloween themed ideas (i.e. ‘Scary Facts’, ‘Industry Ghost Stories’, etc).

Image source

03. Use A Playful Approach In Your Advertisements For Some Halloween Fun

Let’s take things up a notch with this next one:


If your advertising agency has got a Halloween-themed project, you’re in luck! As mentioned in the 1st point, now’s a great time to experiment with ‘themed’ ideas to see what you can come up with. It could be as simple as a billboard, or even a classic print/digital ad!

Take a look at these examples:

Image source
Image source
Image source
Image source
Image source

These are some basic ones to start off, as each brand used the opportunity to put out some playful mischiefs on what Halloween means to them.

Especially for this one:

In this ad, Pepsi used Halloween as a means to position themselves with a tongue-in-cheek method by branding their competitors to be ‘scary’. In response, a similar ad came out but flipped the interpretation around by branding Coke as the protagonist instead:

Image source

Even more so, some brands will go all out in the form of commercials to highlight the light-hearted and playful side of theirs as shown below:

Skittles Spider Commercial

Snickers Horseless Headsman Ad

Goodwill Magical Mysteries

As you can see, Halloween is a great avenue for any advertising agency to venture out into the field of humorous advertisements and commercials. In fact, it’s a good opportunity for them to rack up some themed seasonal projects on their portfolio if they’re looking to expand into other creative directions!

Image source

04. Turning Seasonal Branding Into An Unforgettable Experience For Your Advertising Agency/Business

We all know how important branding is for any business… be it an advertising agency or the actual company itself, proper branding can help take your business to new heights in many aspects (brand recognition, awareness, profitability to name a few).

In this context, some businesses have capitalized on Halloween by creating ‘seasonal events’ which becomes the hype and expectations of many whenever the spooky season comes around.

One brand that does this very well is Sunway’s ‘Nights of Fright’ event as shown below:

Image source
Image source
Image source
Image source
Image source
Image source

Basically, the brand transformed its water park into an annual Halloween event with various collections of haunted houses, carnival rides, live performances, etc throughout October, which garners significant media and consumer attention every single time.

As each year passes, this annual event slowly turned into a tradition where people constantly look forward to its many spectacularities as each year brings forth new attractions, rides, celebrations and so much more!

So what can businesses learn from that?

For starters, using Halloween and other seasonal events for branding is a great way to uplift one’s business as it creates the opportunity to increase profits.

This is done so by turning seasonal events into an enjoyable experience consumers love, which gets them coming back for more, while passionately looking forward to the next event as soon as the current one ends.

Regardless, if you’re working in an advertising agency, brand or business, anyone can use the ‘seasonal approach’ as an opportunity to create a potentially captivating experience for their audience.

Here are some more examples from other brands who managed to turn Halloween into an experience for their consumers:

LG Halloween 2012

Image source

Be it a funny commercial or even a cheeky ad that pokes fun at certain things, it’s easy to see how any brand, business, or advertising agency can utilize Halloween as a fantastic opportunity to create something special out of the highly-anticipated spooky season.

And even if you missed your chance this year… don’t worry! There will always be more Halloweens to come and so many more opportunities to try out some spooky-themed ideas.  

As a matter of fact, you can start preparing for next year right now! Use those ideas we’ve gone through as a reference and brainstorm some ideas so you can work your way up to making something… *spooky*.

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