We build your brand online in uniqueness and consistency

With the most cutting-edge technology, CUBEevo helps your brand to wider the exposure on the rapid, powerful and endless internet platform.


  • Digital Planning & Strategy

  • Online Campaign

  • Analysis & Data


  • eCommerce

  • Corporate Website

  • Microsite

  • Social Media Management

  • UI / UX Design

  • Mobile / Responsive Design


  • Creative Development

  • Front End Development

  • Functional Prototyping

  • Content Management


  • Google SEM

  • Gsuite

  • SEO

  • Email Marketing

  • Content Marketing

  • Facebook Management

  • Online Video

  • Explainer / Education Video

  • Motion Graphic Video

Put your brand online and leverage the power of digital solutions

Marketing strategy shall not be limited to offline platform. Nowadays, it needs online to maximize the reach and awareness. Therefore, we provide extensive online digital solution that cater for your business needs. One of the most powerful tools in digital, is the data analysis. With this abundance of data, we analyse the demographic and cater a set of digital approach in order to resonate with the potential clients. Without cracking your head, we have digital specialist who provide digital planning & strategy, digital design, content management up until the media optimization and media buy.

Offline collaterals and platform provide physical representation, as consumer able to touch, to get, to keep your business physically in a printable form. However, it is not 24/7 available, not accessible to a wider coverage and unable to keep track on how effective your strategy has been enforced. That’s how the online digital solutions take in place.

Digital solution is one of the strategies that you should carry out for your brand and business. Social media marketing, Google AdWords, Google Display Networks are no longer a new thing, but these marketing strategies have been evolving ever since then. It makes up the shortcoming of the offline tools. With the combination of offline & online strategy, it increases your business exposure and sales through the continuous efforts.

Combine Offline & Online to create greater awareness & promotion

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