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  • Digital Planning & Strategy

  • Online Campaign

  • Analysis & Data


  • eCommerce

  • Corporate Website

  • Microsite

  • Social Media Management

  • UI / UX Design

  • Mobile / Responsive Design


  • Creative Development

  • Front End Development

  • Functional Prototyping

  • Content Management


  • Google SEM

  • Gsuite

  • SEO

  • Email Marketing

  • Content Marketing

  • Facebook Management

  • Online Video

  • Explainer / Education Video

  • Motion Graphic Video

Design & Build Your Website Presence

Web design is of utmost importance for brand awareness and conversion. The web design's impression can either get them to remain on your page and learn about your business or leave your page and turn to a competitor. A good web design helps you keep your leads on your page.

We provide customise website design and development for you to share the insights of your brand and services. We research, study and brainstorm the design concept that align with your brand identity and impression, which ultimately creates a personalized user interface and experience (UI & UX), from site map structure to the visual presentation on web page, hero banner and even icons.

Once your website design is ready to showcase to the world, we would need to promote it to let audience familiarize with it and reach to the top search under the relevant terms. This is where the other digital solutions come in, such as Social Media Marketing, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM) .

Offline collaterals and platform provide physical representation, as consumer able to touch, to get, to keep your business physically in a printable form. However, it is not 24/7 available, not accessible to a wider coverage and unable to keep track on how effective your strategy has been enforced. That’s how the online digital solutions take in place.

Digital solution is one of the strategies that you should carry out for your brand and business. Social media marketing, Google AdWords, Google Display Networks are no longer a new thing, but these marketing strategies have been evolving ever since then. It makes up the shortcoming of the offline tools. With the combination of offline & online strategy, it increases your business exposure and sales through the continuous efforts.

Combine Offline & Online to create greater awareness & promotion

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Our attention to detail isn't just in our work, but also in on-time delivery of your marketing collaterals.


Money's important, but so is a great service that won't burn a hole in your pocket.

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While ideas are an agency’s specialty, squeezing results out of them is what we’re really here for.

Awareness? People are going to know that you exist. Recall? Let’s find a way to make you viral and memorable.  Activation? Your customers are going to love their 1-on-1 time with you.

Got Any Of These Headaches?


New Tech, New Jargon,New Everything

Confused with everything online? Don’t be!

We’ll make them easier to understand while helping your business gain a competitive edge to succeed in the digital space!


Offline & Online Integration

Want to combine your offline and online businesses together? We got you.

Together, we’ll create a seamless customer experience that helps you get more sales and leads quickly!


Not Reaching Your Objectives

Not converting? Losing out on leads? Can’t generate any awareness?

Let’s plan out a digital strategy to optimize your performance and crush those ROIs


Future Updates

Can’t keep up with how quick tech evolves? Don’t worry!

Let’s help your business get future-ready so you’ll always have the newest tools and solutions to stay on top of your game.


How We Can Help You

Our solutions aren’t just about flashy commercials and snazzy billboards. We want to help you bring out the best that your brand can be with our selection of reliable services:


Campaign Concept Development
Campaign Logo
Campaign Thematic Slogan
Offline Media Planning


Press Ad
Magazine Ad
Radio Ad Script Writing & Research
TVC Production


POSM Collaterals


Bunting / Banner /
Backdrop / Billboard
Vehicle Wrap Marketing
Digital board

How We Can Help You

Whether you're new or have been around for quite some time, your business deserves a quality service in branding, to which we're ready to deliver with our own:

Campaign Concept Development
Campaign Logo
Campaign Thematic Slogan
Offline Media Planning
Press Ad
Magazine Ad
Radio Ad Script Writing & Research
TVC Production
POSM Collaterals
Bunting / Banner /Backdrop / Billboard
Vehicle Wrap Marketing
Digital board
Digital Planning & Strategy
Online Campaign
Analysis & Data
Corporate Website
Social Media Management
UI / UX Design
Creative Development
Front End Development
Functional Prototyping
Content Management
Google SEM
Email Marketing
Content Marketing
Facebook Management
Explainer / Educational Video
Online Video
Motion Graphics Video

What We've Done Recently

Here’s a quick snapshot on some of the digital solutions we provided for one our clients:


Our Work

Inovar: Website Revamp

Inovar is a market leader known for their durable and eco-friendly flooring solutions in Asia Pacific. They provide a variety of functional yet aesthetically pleasing product range for home lovers of all sorts.


Going digital has been the new norm for many businesses over the last decade.

Without a website, social media or any means of contact online, customers will not hesitate to choose another brand who can quickly and easily provide them with what they need.  

While Inovar has already addressed that problem, they wanted to further improve their digital experience by giving customers more features and accessibility to all their products and services.


We began by examining the sitemap on their website to plan out how users can navigate around and get what they need as easily as possible.  

Once that is optimized, we proceeded with placing the designs and written content on each 'wire-framed' section in a visually appealing layout that engages people as they browse the site.  

When combined, this provides users an experience that 'wows' them from a visual and functional standpoint with the creation of a user-friendly website that's both modern and stylish, reflecting the brand attributes of INOVAR's excellence.

Main Goal

To enhance Inovar's website and create a seamless customer experience that is better, quicker and more personalized for their users.

From there, we shifted our focus onto the added features of product personalization through the 'Studio Inspiration Application'.

This allowed users to customize different flooring products according to the multiple pre-set rooms available, which help them better visualize the environment they would like to create.


The Result

With a brand new website that's faster, more stylish and incredibly interactive, the digital experience has upgraded to offer a service that's modern and seamless for both the brand and their customers.

But more importantly, INOVAR has gained another competitive edge from this website which allows them to better convert leads and generate sales with increased accuracy and effectiveness.


Our Work

Blue Ice Skating:Social Media Management

Owned by Blue Frost, Blue Ice Skating Rink is the prized possession of the company in creating extraordinary winter experiences for everyone across Malaysia.


Living in a multi-cultural country means celebrating the diversity of different cultures and traditions with its citizens often.

Like many businesses, Blue Frost sees the opportunity in using social media to create themes based around those holidays to attract even more customers as the celebrations draw closer.

But the medium itself is overcrowded with content everywhere, making it hard for the company to stand out and get ahold of Malaysians to join in on the winter fun during those festive periods.


To get around social media's crowded state of content, we needed more than just normal posts about why people should give ice skating a try.  

With that reasoning, we 'gamified' the content and created contests that wouldn't just catch people's attention but got them to engage with it.

Main Goal

Help Blue Frost stand out by executing a 6-month social media marketing strategy that celebrates the multiple holidays in Malaysia .

One of them was 'The Merrier, The Better' contest which was aimed at attracting users to join in the contest to win rewards from spinning a wheel after liking the page and tagging their friends. This created a chain reaction as people started taking noticed of the contest which drove the awareness of the contest.

From there, we expanded the contests into a series that follows the various holiday themes within Malaysia.

Each celebration gave us the opportunity to focus on a certain group while still maintaining our interactions with the general public to have them join in the fun as well.

Adding on to that, we created several more engagement posts to drive up the interaction by getting people to visit us on those special occasions.


The Result

From trendy topics to monthly occasions, our social media marketing strategy helped generated a 13X increase in reach and 171% increase in engagement rate within 4 months while optimizing the budget given efficiently.

Aside from the growth of their digital presence, Blue Frost has managed to stand out amongst a sea of competitors, which puts them in the minds and phones of consumers as they continue their journey in creating memorable winter experiences for everyone.

13x Increase in Total Reach Within 4 Months
171% Increase in
Engagement Rate
Within 4 Months
Efficient Use of Allocated Budget

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