We create numerous outstanding packaging to the market from box containers to the product labels

We provide unique packaging design and solution that uplift your brand positioning, from product labels to box containers.


  • Product Naming

  • Product Logo

  • Product Experience

  • Platform & Positioning

  • Trends & Insights

  • Go-to-market Strategy


  • Creative Development

  • Die-cut Development

  • Material Sourcing

  • Gift Box

  • Premium Sets

  • Packet Design


  • Wrap / Sleeve

  • Label / Sticker

  • Small Insert

Customise unique and functional packaging

Looking for unique packaging that not only protect your product, but shout out for your product USP? CUBEevo has a long-time experience in creating unique packaging, our production specialist will provide consultation to help you position and launch your products in the market. We create customise die-cut line and folding techniques to cater for your product needs, which is able to take a good care of environment too. Plus, we are able to create designs that work under your budget. We ensure that your products come with a perfect packaging that promote itself to your potential customers.

Packaging protects the product from various of breaking or leakage circumstances. Therefore, different products need their own wrapping way to preserve, protect and store. However, packaging is a great space where it can store your product information, contain your brand logo and influence the consumer buying decision in the end.

With all of these factors, packaging is one of the marketing tool through in-store advertising, it reminds and shape the perception of the customer when they look at the packaging design. Ultimately, it sets you apart from the competitor and gain more attention from the consumer and purchase your products.

Packaging is not just wrapping, it has a lot of mechanisms going on…

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