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Campur-campur siap

Advertising Campaign
Art direction . Campaign . Print . POSM

Cooking at home is always the healthier choice compared to eating outside food. Ajinomoto understands that all mothers have serious concerns on providing healthy dishes daily for their family. Hence, Ajinomoto introduced several healthy easy-to-prepare dishes that are catered for family consumption.

We collaborated with Ajinomoto on the “Campur-campur siap” campaign and came out with a refreshing and healthy art direction to match with the campaign theme.


For this campaign, we decided to take a bold step in an unconventional direction, as we move away from the concept of using the brand colour as the whole campaign art direction. Instead, we applied the prominent Ajinomoto red colour as part of the slogan masthead, as a big shoutout for it.  We use pale background colours to create a modern fresh look, as pale colours are typically associated with health concepts.

Series of collaterals

Extensive campaign collaterals were designed to fully communicate with the consumer. With the vibrant masthead, it highlights the campaign slogan and attracts the audience’s attention.

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