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Social Media Marketing Strategy

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Blue Frost
Art direction . Digital Marketing

Throughout a 6-month retainer service, we helped the brand execute a social media marketing strategy to capitalize on the multiple holidays commonly celebrated in Malaysia (Hari Raya, Mid-Autumn and other various festivities) with a wide range of digital solutions.  

These included digital ads planning and strategy, concept development, monthly visual design posts (contests, promotion hot deals, trendy topics, schedule etc), storyboarding and content writing for videos.

By doing so, we created a channel for audiences to interconnect with the brand on both online and offline fronts, which resulted in a loop of online engagement and offline participation for various contests, promotions, giveaways, and etc.  

'The Merrier, The Better' Contest
Everybody loves games, which is exactly why we made one.

This contest prompted users to join in the fun ofwinning exclusive rewards from spinning a lucky wheel after liking the page and tagging their friends.

With that, Blue Frost captured the keen interest of various audiences which led to an increase in brand awareness and engagement onboth online and offline fronts.   
Our Social Media Posts Series
From festive celebrations to engaging contests, we created a variety of social media posts to cater to each individual occasion for every month.    

By doing so, the brand slowly built up its presenceand following within their audience, which led to a gradual increase of both reach and engagement.    
Festive Posts
Engagement Posts


13x Increase in Total Reach Within 4 Months
171% Increase in
Engagement Rate
Within 4 Months
Efficient Use of Allocated Budget

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