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Indulge In The Contemporary Italian Cuisine

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Coquo is the Latin word for “I cook”. Chef Toni himself is a friendly and innovative individual whose expertise shines in contemporary cooking techniques. To present Malaysians with a sophisticated dining experience, Chef Toni looked for restaurant branding that would reflect his vision and passion in creating Italian delicacies.

For many people, delicious and authentic food is a must-try. With beautiful visuals, captivating taste, and relaxing atmosphere, this is sure to give food lovers a wonderful experience.


Chef Toni’s talent can be seen in the way he puts a fresh twist on classic flavours and gives it a whole new interpretation that delights your tastebuds. To stay true to his vision, we created a customised handwritten logo inspired by his style of creative fusion and delicious flavour that diners can enjoy in every mouthful. A wine-stained wooden texture completes the authentic look of the brand identity.


Brand Palette

Amor Serif Pro
Font & Palette Selection
Hand-drawn Illustration

Each illustration of the tasty dishes was hand-drawn with care. With raw lines and rough shading, these details add an essential personal touch to give foodies a feel of the delicious menu in store.The classic imagery layered with sleek modern design echoes the Coquo philosophy of serving up familiar yet contemporary Italian dishes with a twist.

Strategy & Approach

Once the brand direction was dictated, it was time for the Nice Branding team to get to work on the environmental branding.

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