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CS Eco Glass

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CS Eco Glass
Company Profile

CS Eco Glass produces top-quality industrial glass for numerous buildings across the globe.

Inspired by both the glass’s natural structure multi-faceted shining textures, we decided to adopt those elements onto the design to showcase their various technologies and solutions for their architectural projects.


To enhance CS Eco Glass’s visual branding,we started by eliminating the repetitive subject of showcasing the project buildings.

From there, we took on a bold approach of replicating a minimalistic cover with a touch of ‘iridescent refraction’, presenting them in a modern and professional manner.


Taking inspiration from the idea of ‘cutting edge’ glass, we recreated the inner parts in a dynamic yet professional manner to reflect CS Eco Glass’s dedication towards embracing modernization.

This shows that they continuously reinvent themselves in their various products and services, so they can consistently stay ahead in the industry.

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