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Drypers DryPantz

The 'Art of Love' Campaign

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Art Direction . Illustration . Character Design

In conjunction with Parent’s day, Drypers decided to continue its previous campaign, Drypers ‘Drypantz’ by relaunching this product with a new theme – The Art of Love.

The goal was to draw out the emotional connections parents felt (i.e. heart melting through sweet and touching moments) by having their toddlers express their love to them through arts and craft.


Finding the best visuals to creatively represent the campaign theme (Art of Love).


Our process began with thoroughly researching and brainstorming different animals and occupations to pinpoint the right visuals for bringing out the theme’s message.

To start, we drew our inspiration from the perspective of how parents view their children as they grow up, alongside the envisioned future they have for them.  

For instance, a child having big ambitions to accomplish great things in life (i.e. studies, career, family etc.)

Not to mention, diving into the journey of a child’s growth when they begin cultivating different interests and learning the relevant skills that leads them to their dream occupations.

These can be seen via some of the designs our team created through the animals’ occupation, such as:

·        Astronaut for the adventurous lion
·        Singer for the cheerful parrot
·        Musician for the gentle-loving sheep
·        Artist for the creative deer and much more.

Moreover, each back sheet design was matched with delicate colors to visually emphasize the soft materials used for Dryper’s Drypantz, while bringing out the cuteness and the adorable personalities of each animal through their gestures and facial expressions.


By using a ‘role-playing’ approach in our designs, the brand was able to highlight its message ‘Art of Love’ by having toddlers creatively express their love in the purest form possible, bringing both the child and its parents closer together.

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