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Skinature Pants

A Diaper That's As Pure As Your Love.

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Illustration . Art Direction . Packaging Design . Character Design

After the launch of one of Dryper’s products ‘Skinature’, the brand decided to expand its categories even further – Skinature Pants by Drypers, to capitalize on the market opportunity that was present in the higher-end, premium consumer segment.


To design a new product logo that stands out& differentiates itself from the ‘tape format’ of its Skinature category.

Moreover, to ensure brand consistency within the product by remaining with the ‘soft and gentle’ concept for the diaper backsheet design, while bringing out a visual approach that is both livelier and exciting to consumers.


Based on the theme ‘endangered animals’, we created several sub elements for all the different characters through its fun and joyful facial expressions and gestures, while adding more colours to make it look vibrant and feel more livelier.

This was then adapted onto the backsheet design of the diaper pants.

Futhermore, our team dived into researching the best ways to convey the relevant messages within a pants format by analysing the daily activities and natural movements of a toddler (i.e standing, crawling, walking etc.)

Images of topless toddlers were used as well to bring out the idea of the natural curiosity babies have in exploring the environments around them as a form of their own exciting adventures.

Thus, leading to many moments of active expression for their cute, adorable and lively personalities.

From there, that prominent visual was brought onto the packaging design for the product.

This is further emphasized by the product logo, which had brushstrokes added on the word ‘pants’ to make it prominent and instantly recognizable for consumers.


The final deliverables produced led to the brand’s successful launch of its new product as they were satisfied with the creative design in all aspects – product logo, packaging, backsheet design and more.

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