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Etsuko (or ‘Joy Child’) is a new baby brand with a focus on parenthood and educational purposes. Born from Vietnam, it aims to target parents from the middle to upper-middle class of its domestic market.


Creating a premium brand from scratch, which includes all the tangible and intangible collaterals – brand name, story, visual identity, guidelines, characters, mascots, packaging design and so much more.

On top of that, the brand needed to accomplish one key objective – standing out from the competition.


Starting off, our team conducted a thorough research on the buying behaviour and consumer preferences of Vietnamese parents to better understand how the brand should be built and positioned in order to disrupt the current market. 

After that, we used the collected findings to begin brainstorming for various big ideas and concepts to design both the visual and non-visual aspects of the brand.

From the pronunciation, meaning and story of thebrand name, to the development of its logo, tagline, characters, art direction,packaging design, and landing page creation, each stage was meticulouslydeveloped to present a cohesive brand that commands a premium presence.

One of the most challenging yet exciting part was the character creation process, especially the different gestures and postures.  

To remain in line with one of the brand’s goal(educational purposes), woodland animals were used as the main &sub-character themes because of their natural curiosity for exploration.  

Moreover, the animals had to embody child-like traits (i.e. cute, lively, curiosity etc.) while mimicking similar facial expressions (i.e. a kid smiling in a happy and cute manner) to humanize them, so both parents and babies are enticed towards its adorable personality.

The art direction also had to communicate this in a modern and premium manner by enlarging the animal heads on the backsheet to increase its cuteness, which presents itself as a baby’s ‘bestfriend’.

Following that, the key visual further highlights the baby-like traits by using decorative animal props, face painting and papercut background to present the baby (or joy kid) in an irresistibly adorable manner.

After creating the printed collaterals, our team proceeded with designing the landing page for the brand. 

This included three hero banners to showcase the various product categories and its USP, which branding Etsuko through having a baby role play as a woodland creature to express itself in a fun, creative and imaginative manner.


The brand was completely satisfied with how Etsuko was developed.  

From the development of its cute and lively brand image to the creative designs and the modern yet attractive diaper packaging, to the development the business was able to stand out in its domestic market and provide parents with even more precious moments to cherish and enjoy their time with their children even more.

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Social Media Series

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