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Haryana Rice

Brings Home With Love And Wellness

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Advertising Campaign
Art direction . Campaign . Packaging . Print . Microsite
2016 - 2017

Health is the biggest wealth for all of us. Without a strong and healthy body, we are unable to accomplish many things in life. Hence, Liansin has released a new healthy rice range – with a lower fat and sugar percentage. By consuming this healthier choice of rice, it helps to give our health aboost.

To introduce this healthier choice to the audience, Liansin collaborated with us to work on the whole branding, packaging and promotional materials. We created a healthy and energetic image which reflects the core uniqueness of this product.


A healthy lifestyle needs a balanced diet of healthy food and sufficient amounts of exercise to stay active. The image of a strong heart and exercise movements come together to represent that a healthy body keeps us active and happy.

In order to enhance the user experience in associating Haryana as a new healthy choice of product, we created an interactive microsite. The whole webpage is fun and engaging, as it animates as the user scrolls down the page. With this catchy interactive element, it enhances the audience’s reading experience and helps in understanding the product easily

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