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Your Dreams, Made Affordable

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Recognized as one of the Malaysia’s leading property developers in affordable housing segment, Hua Yang’s main mission focuses on turning the dreams of owning a house into a reality.

For this annual report, the brand wanted a different approach to reflect the new direction they were taking – environment sustainability.


While focusing on Hua Yang’s new direction to go green, we also had to take into account of the brand’s motto ‘Your Dreams, Made Affordable’ to create a design that shows their commendable transformation without straying away from their roots.

Design Concept

We presented three different concepts to Hua Yang but they ultimately settled on the 2nd option which shows a child holding multiple balloons on a field populated by different properties. The rationale behind the design represents the brand’s core value of ‘Dreams’ in which item bodies a child’s innocence on the type of dreams they have, especially in owning a house. Furthermore, part of the balloons are shown slowly turning green to reflect the brand’s new step to wards environmental sustainability while being supported by a backdrop of clear skies to display their vision of a better and greener world for everyone.

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