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Our bathrooms are more than just functions for hygiene purposes. It’s a place to refresh the mind and relax after a long day.
Thus,we showcased that idea with Johnson Suisse’s modern bathroom solutions through a product catalogue that captures the modern atmospheric lifestyle in a sleek design approach.


To prevent the catalogue from being seen as overly ‘dull’, we decided to repackaged the technical information and show it in an attractive manner.  

Moreover, we wanted to present it in a sustainable manner, to which a hardcover folder was created while showcasing its multiple product categories.

Design Concept

Taking inspiration from the delicate flow of water, we wanted to show this natural element providing calmness and serenity to rejuvenate us.

From there, our design direction replicated the water elements flowing around various pages to create this connection and associate Johnson Suisse as the solution provider for life’s modern troubles.

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