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Mesiniaga is one of the best leading ICT solutions providers in Malaysia. It provides end-to-end ICT solutions to numerous renowned technology companies. The company’s iconic building has been a huge landmark of Mesiniaga that many are familiar with. To showcase Mesiniaga’s core solutions in ICT, we came up with a futuristic design for their annual report.


As a digital leader in the ICT solutions industry, we proposed Augmented Reality (AR) and a digital annual report as another dimension for the reader to interact with. The annual report cover is designed as a start button which symbolises the engine activation by the audience. We were attracted by the design of the ICT systems, therefore we use modern lines to illustrate an abstract HUD interface pattern that would apply all around the pages to enhance the futuristic feel and manner of the product.

Augmented Reality (AR)

When the reader scans the Start Button cover, it presents an image of the iconic Mesiniaga building. The Mesiniaga building symbolises an important platform that generates and supports all the ICT solutions to other renowned technology companies.

Digital Annual Report

To deliver a better reading experience, we suggested to develop an interactive digital annual report. This digital annual report consists of animated charts and summarized content, which helps the audience easily digest the information in an engaging way. Together with this futuristic approach, it reflects Mesiniaga in a modern and advanced manner.

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