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N-BIO Organic Herbal Cleansing Bar

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N•Bio (or Natura Bio) began as a mission to help people from all walks of life by healing their infected skin using premium graded natural oils & herbs.

To encompass that, they created the ‘N-BIO Organic Herbal Cleansing Bar’, which aspired to promote happier living &healthier skin through the natural skin healing remedies of its organic cleansing bar.


Launching a new business is no easy feat.

From creating the brand’s visual identity to promoting itself & its products to customers, the business was lacking a solution to communicate its branding effectively (i.e. brand values, philosophy, aspirations & more).


Our team identified the perfect platform to help the brand showcase everything about itself, especially the value it was passionately offering to all its stakeholders - a website.

Thus, we began with a custom-built web design solution that provided them the opportunity to effectively showcase their brand identity & all the important elements that made it unique.

Inspired by the brand’s philosophy (natural, quality & simplicity),we approach the overall visual concept, tone & manner by designing a ‘nature-like’ experience to help its audience feel more connected with mother nature herself, even if it the experience was felt from an online (or digital)perspective.

This was done so by creating a minimal& responsive one-scroll site, which eases how the audience retrieves &processes important information at one glance.

From there, we incorporated copywriting onto the site’s hero banner & all its relevant sections such as headlines to align with the brand’s tone & manner (‘natural’, elegant &simplicity).

Moreover, earth tone colour schemes were used to portray the concept of natural skin healing remedy, while also designing customized icons that featured the natural ingredients derived within N-Bio’s Herbal Soap to enhance the overall brand mood & its visual aesthetic.


After going through a thorough process, N•Bio’s website was successfully launched as it provided them a new avenue to not only strengthen their brand in terms of its credibility, but also a medium for creating brand awareness & an opportunity to acquire leads &customers with a digital storefront.

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