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Tune Protect provides an expansive range of insurance products to meet the on-demand needs of consumers in a variety of areas such as personal, travel, medical alongside other lifestyle insurance solutions.

In this project, we helped the brand in both the annual report’s design and art direction for 2017.


We settled on designs that were both modern and simple, especially for the ‘value creation’section to communicate what the brand stands for in the eyes of various stakeholders.

Moreover, the simplistic approach helped to create a minimalist design style that is easy on the eyes without unnecessary visual noise that could affect the report’s readability.

While not forgetting the brand’s main business, we focused on portraying the happiness of people in the report to showcase Tune Protect as a ‘guardian’ for the people that are insured by the brand.

The main colours used for the design were both red and orange while including several complementary shades which helps in aligning with the brand’s main colour to create a cohesive end product.

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