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Tune Protect

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Tune Protect
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Tune protect is a digital insured provider, which offers a variety of insurance packages that meets the lifestyle needs of the everyday hustle and bustle.

Concept idea:

To showcase Tune Protect’s goal of providing everyone the added comfort and confidence to enjoy life and business’s many adventures.This is done by focusing on the idea of people connecting and bonding easily through the circle that is ‘Tune Protect’, which represents protection that is readily and easily available for all.

Design Concept

Both the text and visuals portrays various ‘Tune Protect’ characters forming a circle to represent their unwavering dedication & commitment with each other (employees, partners, collaborators & etc.) that leads to the creation of their unique products to be delivered to their customers.


To breakthrough Tune Protect’s iconic circle concept and develop the corporate profile within an extremely tight timeline.

After several brainstorming sessions, our approach was to propose one of the options with the customized graphics that illustrates the brand’s strong commitment and dedication to their various business partners and clients.

Thanks to Tune Protect’s collaboration, the project went extremely smooth as we were able to deliver the final product with a clear direction within the given timeline.

Customized icons

Shown here are the previous customized icons for Tune Protect corporate profile. The final output was applied with Tune Protect’s brand identity icon for a stronger brand position.

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