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Woh Hup Non-Fried Noodles

New Launching in Singapore

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Woh Hup
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Instant noodles area staple in many parts around the world, to which brands are constantly innovating and producing a variety of flavors to capture the changing taste of modern consumers.

One of the brands, Woh Hup Foods is preparing to launch their new ‘Non-Fried’ instant noodles, that is not only free from trans-fat and cholesterol, but also provides a sensational taste with its dried curry & shrimp flavor.


To position their new ‘non-fried’ product as a premium and high quality offering, while making it stand out from various competitors who are producing their own variations of instant noodles as well.


With so many options already available in the market (each with their own pricing, packaging design, promotional strategies and etc.), we had to brainstorm new ways of making the product standout, especially from a visual and ‘design’ perspective.

After multiple concepts, we decided on a minimalist approach which formed the foundation for how we developed our key visuals and packaging.

This was done so by illustrating an eye-catching contrast through a blast of color that was overlaid on the black background.

In addition, we wanted to emphasize on the yumminess of the noodles by showcasing it from a side angle, while also including the honorable Chef Pung's as the ambassador who has given his seal of approval and highly recommends this product.

Then, we further refined the visuals with creative elements such as the shrimp and chicken (for easy flavor identification) and applied some golden sparkles to highlight the noodle's flavorful blast.

Moreover, we provided art direction services, advice on the product & portrait photography, while designing and preparing their advertising collaterals such as pouch printing, wobbler, standee, its packaging design finishing and more.


It was an honor to be involved with the brand’s product development phase from a visual communication aspect, as we have successfully helped them bring their brand to market(Singapore)which will soon launch in other countries (i.e. Malaysia) as well.

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