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Woh Hup, Ready-to-cook (RTC) Meals

New Launching in Singapore

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Woh Hup
Advertising Campaign . Art Direction . Packaging Design . Printing

'Ready to cook' meals have previously existed in the market for a long time.

In Woh Hup's case, they'vedeveloped a new product range with the main goal of allowing food lovers the convenienceto indulge in the South East Asian cuisine with 'ready to cook' meal packs.


Each brand has their own distinctive way of showcasing their own products, such as highlighting foods with a large dish photo, mascot, location, cooking background and more to communicate the product's attractiveness with the consumer.

For our part, we helped Woh Hup with the creative direction for their product packaging & advertising.


This was done so by creating a distinctive yet unique packaging design that showcases the yumminess of the food with a visual illustration, while also combining several respective ingredient patterns on the background as well.

Moreover, each of the SKU also has its own color within the top banner for easy identification.

The most challenging part however, was the photo editing of each ingredient respectively as we had to present the entire visual in an attractive manner that resonates & appeals to food lovers & home cook enthusiasts, while still being respective of the public's beliefs towards the ingredients & the cultural meaning behind each of them.

Thankfully, we succeeded inpulling it off with advanced graphic enhancement tools & techniques,leading to the final result that is shown within the images presented.


After developing the food packaging design, we began with the 2nd part of the project - creating relevant marketing collaterals (i.e. wobbler) to support the product launch.

In this phase, the objective was to create brand awareness for the ready to cook meal packs, which was where our art direction 'shined' as it combined the ingredients in a dynamic manner that portrayed the visual composition as a dish that was 'blooming' with flavor.

This was aimed at enticing &impressing consumers on how easy it was to prepare a tasty South East Asian indulgence, right from the comfort of their own homes.

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