Annual Report

We produce both exceptional print and online annual report

We celebrate your on-going success and contributions with creative visual representation. Also, to transform your annual report to an interactive showcase via digital.


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  • Integrated Report

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Turns your records into compelling content

Annual report is a comprehensive content that records the company’s yearly report to shareholders, documenting its activities and finances in the previous financial year. Since all of us are more attracted by the visual driven instead of text approach. We, CUBEevo has a goal to create annual report that turns to be a comfortable and pleasurable reading experience. We use visual to create representable icons that deliver your message in a short and crisp manner. Also, we improve the reading sequence and content understanding through visual design hierarchy.

Today, online is the greatest source for us to find out the information. The internet has no boundaries and pages limitation for you to share your company annual report to the existing and new investors. A interactive digital report can be shared with hundreds, thousands and even millions of investors in an instant. With the better readability and visual representation, it helps to let the investors to understand the status of your company, eventually it increases the confident of the shareholders to your business.

Instead of uploading the full-fledged of annual report PDF, we could create an interactive annual report for your company that summarizes your past year business and activities in an interesting and unique experience. With all of this valuable information, it contributes significantly to your website SEO purpose. Plus, it helps to reduce the environmental impact by using less papers.

Digital interactive annual report - AR Review is the trend

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