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Build up your brand for long-term success

We create branding that aligns with your business values & expectation for long term success. Every approach that you have made, from logo, company profile, website, marketing collaterals and campaigns, are the elements that present yourself when delivering a service. No business could afford to overlook the importance of the branding, because it generates revenue in a sustainable way. We understand the powerful of business and personal branding could affect strongly on the business success; therefore, we determine to create branding that can speaks for itself.

With a strong branding, it helps your company to create your own empowering brand image. Branding is able to create a long-lasting belief to your customer together with the marketing efforts. It set you apart from the competitor with your uniqueness brand identity and messages that change your consumer buying habits and eventually create a strong consumer loyalty bonding.

In order to build a powerful branding, we suggest you to have a deep thought on the purpose and uniqueness of your brand. With this understanding, it helps to create a clear direction on how to position yourself in the market. Also, by knowing your target audience, we are able to find the way to be more relatable to this group of potential clients. By having these two fundamentals, we are able to transform your brand to a more solid and concrete branding.

Why does branding matter to your business

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Do people see your brand as just another logo? Just another product or service?

Well, you’re more special than you think and we want everyone to know that.

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Our attention to detail isn't just in our work, but also in on-time delivery of your marketing collaterals.


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While ideas are an agency’s specialty, squeezing results out of them is what we’re really here for.

Awareness? People are going to know that you exist. Recall? Let’s find a way to make you viral and memorable.  Activation? Your customers are going to love their 1-on-1 time with you.

Got Any Of These Headaches?


A New Start

Lacking direction? Not sure what to do after a crisis? Or do you just want a new start for your brand?

Don't worry, we’re here to give you that fresh change and make those problems go away.



Branding shouldn’t be a one-off project!

We’ll help you build on that initial momentum so you can stay fresh and relevant within your customers and industry!



Feel like your brand’s all over the place? Then brand consistency is what you’re looking for.

With our help, you won’t have to worry about inconsistent messaging, personality or even tone of voice, wherever it goes!


Fears, Doubts & Concerns

Don't know how branding will bring up your bottom line? Can't tell if your brand strategy is helping?  

Or you just can't ever see this working for your business?

Short answers won't convince you, but maybe a discovery session with us will.


How We Can Help You

Our solutions aren’t just about flashy commercials and snazzy billboards. We want to help you bring out the best that your brand can be with our selection of reliable services:


Campaign Concept Development
Campaign Logo
Campaign Thematic Slogan
Offline Media Planning


Press Ad
Magazine Ad
Radio Ad Script Writing & Research
TVC Production


POSM Collaterals


Bunting / Banner /
Backdrop / Billboard
Vehicle Wrap Marketing
Digital board

How We Can Help You

Whether you're new or have been around for quite some time, your business deserves a quality service in branding, to which we're ready to deliver with our own:

Campaign Concept Development
Campaign Logo
Campaign Thematic Slogan
Offline Media Planning
Press Ad
Magazine Ad
Radio Ad Script Writing & Research
TVC Production
POSM Collaterals
Bunting / Banner /Backdrop / Billboard
Vehicle Wrap Marketing
Digital board
Brand Logo
Brand Naming
Brand Tagline / Slogan
System & Guides
Platform & Positioning
Trends & Insights
Voice & Messaging
Content Planning
Content Direction
Company Profile
Corporate Folder
Brochures / Leaflet
Desktop Calendar
Paper Bag
Money Packet

What We've Done Recently

Our Work

Liansin: Liansin Rice Rebranding

Being one of Sarawak's largest rice distributor, Liansin's sole mission is to provide Sarawakians the best quality of rice at all times.


While the brand held a significant place in the hearts of Sarawakians for over 17 years, they still faced an ever-growing competition that had the potential to overtake their spot as the beloved rice brand.

Although the idea of rebranding had crossed their minds several times, they had concerns where consumers will no longer choose them because of their new identity.


After multiple in-depth discussions with Liansin and showing them various case studies and analysis, we agreed that rebranding was the right move to take.

Thus, we revamped all their brand collaterals from physical to digital, creating a renewed sense of identity that's modern while still retaining familiar characteristics of its older selves.

Main Goal

To reinforce their market position in the industry and remain as one of the go-to rice brands among the Sarawakian consumers.

This is especially noticeable in the logo and their mascot as they are paired with a delicate shade of tender green to bring out the idea of 'health' whenever consumers think of Liansin.  

Moreover, we helped to develop a brand guideline (colors, typography, font, elements etc) for Liansin to ensure all future collaterals are standardized and consistent wherever their brand exists.

Adding on to that, the public needed to know of the brand's new identity to which we launched several advertising and marketing initiatives to increase brand awareness and recall.

Besides that, the branding strategy also capitalize on increasing brand recall using Malaysia's various festivities throughout the year.    

From Chinese New Year to Hari Raya and Deepavali, we helped created several variances of its packaging by capturing the vibrant atmosphere in each celebration to narrate the unique experiences and precious moments Malaysians encounter.  

Moreover, we extended the ideas onto other tangible collaterals such as the Ang Pao (money packet) which is part of Chinese tradition during the festive new year celebrations.


The Result

Through the major rebranding exercise, the brand's newfound identity uplifted the consumers' perception as they are portrayed as a modern and friendly business.

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