16 Popular Web Design Trends to Lookout for in 2023

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As we are coming to the end of 2022, it is now the time to look out and prepare for the upcoming Web Design Trends in 2023. In this article, we will be looking at 10 upcoming Web Design Trends and 6 Web Interactive Trends of 2023.

What are the Upcoming Web Design Trends to Lookout for in 2023

1. Text-only Hero Banner

Clean and straightforward are perhaps the trend we’ll be anticipating in 2023. As we are bombarded by images and videos day and night, a clean and straightforward text-focused design could better stand out and catch visitors' attention. Using clean-cut typography, topped pure coloured background gives visitors a sense of tranquillity from the noise of other websites. CUBEevo’s website hero banner is designed with simple interactive background and a focus on their philosophical taglines and slanted logo that reinforces their brand identity.

You can also play with large and dramatic typography that conveys extravagant characteristics to “wow” your visitors. However, keep your hands off decorative fonts when you want to incorporate oversize typography. Use simple and neutral fonts instead as they are easier to read.

2. Video + Text Hero Banner

Video is engaging, fun, interactive and awesome to look at! But this only applies to high-quality, HD and well-written videos! 

Video is a familiar face in web design, and it has always been a must-have. It is attention-grabbing, educational and able to retain visitors. Gone are the days when you’ll search for suitable videos on Youtube and embed them on your website. If you’re still doing this, there’s a high chance you’ll lose your web visitors over meaningless and pixelated videos. In fact, you don’t want to frustrate them when they would associate your brand with a bad experience. 

Therefore, the trend in 2023 is to insert a well-thought-out and purposeful video. It should be in HD and relate to the industry you are in. In fact, video alone is no longer enough. It should be paired with a bold and impactful copy. Be it your tagline or slogan, your copy should be unique and eye-catchingly designed to stand out even with the video as the background. Tap into your ideal customers’ hearts and craft a compelling copy.

3. Illustrations

Stock images are considered outdated in the upcoming 2023 web design trends. Not only are they bland, but most of them also look similar across the same industry. Graphic illustrations are here to replace images and photography. 

Illustrations help bring life to a boring company website. A well-crafted and designed one can help communicate brand messages and ideas that are otherwise difficult to convey through pictures. Likewise, unique and customized illustrations that fit with your branding stand out from crowded websites and grab the attention of visitors. By incorporating your specific brand colours and elements into the illustration, you can create the ideal brand experience for your visitors that increase your brand recognition and loyalty. 

Moreover, illustrations typically have smaller sizes and faster loading speeds than images. With Google prioritising Website Loading Speed in their Core Web Vitals, investing in high-quality and purposeful illustrations instead of recycled stock images can benefit your brand greatly.

4. White Space & Minimalism

Less is indeed more, in this particular trend. Minimalist web design embraces white space/negative space by eliminating unnecessary elements and content. The aim is to only present the most important information to your visitors. Of course, we totally understand that you want to go as in-depth as possible about your brand, but you will run a possibility of overwhelming your web visitors. 

By going for a minimalist approach, your website will be easy to read and relaxing for the eyes, with ample breathing space and a sleek modern look. A simple web design also offers a streamlined user experience that is easier to navigate. 

Recently, 2 styles have been speculated to come as the trends of 2023:

i) Monochromatic

Monochromatic web design is the use of only a single colour in various shades, tints and tones. This allows you to save time from colour searching and matching. You might find it challenging when you are only required to express your brand in one colour. But it’s not impossible! And in fact, it provides a golden opportunity to venture into the creativity of one colour expression. 

A monochromatic colour palette creates harmony and balance to the eyes. Just by deciding on the saturation and brightness of that singular colour, you can go from a bold and dramatic design to a soft and elegant one.

ii) Neomorphism

A relatively new term, Neomorphism is derived from Skeuomorphism design, and it is the next new thing in User Interface. It lies in the middle of flat design and Skeuomorphism design, a minimalist version of Skeuomorphism design. It can also take on a monochromatic colour palette, with a focus on shadow and rounded edges. This presents a refreshing, minimal and stylish look that is visually appealing. 

However, it is important to use a Neomorphism design sparingly. If it’s not designed well, it will lack focus and contrast on the button elements and the CTA. As it has a consistent soft look, the elements will blend in with the background.

5. Colour Gradient

If monochromatic seems too monotonous and boring to you, don’t worry, because Colour Gradient is here to stay! Instagram’s logo redesign in 2016 might be considered the hero who brings back the Colour Gradient trend. 

A Gradient design is the transition of one colour to another. It often involves 2 or more colours, in fact, the designers could almost create a whole new colour on their own too. For a web design, gradient adds depth, textual and pop to the otherwise lifeless and dull flat design.

6. Glassmorphism

The Glassmorphism or Frosted Glass Effect is a technique of layering a blur effect with transparency to mimic real-life frosted glass. This effect offers an optical illusion where the website feels like 3D with the added dimension. 

The Frosted Glass Effect does not fight for attention. It is not as dramatic as Colour Gradient, but it does help organize the visuals and provide the elements with an extra visual boost for visitors when scrolling. This effect is often used on buttons, sliders and navigational options.

7. Art Deco

Art Deco is a time-tested vintage design that has been speculated to come back these few years. The history of Art Deco could be traced back to the 1920s when it represent luxury and fine craftsmanship. Its distinctive feature is the use of geometrical and symmetrical shapes and lines as well as the elegant metallic golden colour. This design trend is well-suited for a decorative font which showcases a hint of classiness and sophistication.

8. Bold Colour

Although it seems to contradict the minimalist trend, in 2023 we also see the rise of the bold colour & typography design trend. This is especially suitable for those brands who want to communicate a strong brand identity and make a dramatic and long-lasting impression. Bright and bold colours add a fresh and striking look to your website. They help you to grab attention and engage with your visitors.

9. Dark Mode

From Instagram, Facebook to Youtube, Dark Mode’s popularity has spread from gadgets to social media. There is no question as to why more and more website has adopted this mode. Firstly, it is practical and accessible. It reduces eye strain by decreasing exposure to blue light and is sustainable as it saves battery life on electronic devices. 

Other than that, it gives autonomy to your web visitors. They have the freedom to choose whether they want to browse your website in light or dark mode. Giving people a choice provides you with an advantage over your competitors.

10. Micro-animation

Although micro-animation may seem small and insignificant, these subtle movements could help bring life to your stale website and direct visitors’ focus on the essential elements and information. Moreover, they also add a splash of playfulness and cuteness to the formal company website.

What about the Web Interactive Trends in 2023?

With the increased demands for engaging and immersive experiences, Interactive Web Design has been predicted as the most popular trend in 2023. Hence, interactive elements are now extremely important in web design, where the website has evolved into more than providing information. The focus is now on the user-oriented and user-driven function where visitors do not only consume but interact as well.

1. Parallax Scrolling

Parallax Scrolling is a rising trend in interactive web design. It involves a website background moving at a different speed than the foreground image, making it seem like there are 2 dimensions. This web effect adds a sense of depth and dimension to the website where visitors find it engaging and interactive. 

2. Horizontal Scrolling

When the Internet is crowded with vertical scrolling, Horizontal Scrolling poses as an unconventional and rare web design trend. It is a web page navigational method in which the content comes from the right to left instead of up to down. Since it’s rare, horizontal scrolling is unique and special. It is possible to incorporate horizontal scrolling in only a section of your website to better organize and categorize your web content.

3. Scrollytelling

The ultimate interactive web design trend is most probably Scrollytelling - which combines the scroll and storytelling elements together. Scrollytelling was pioneered by The New York Times Snow Fall. It is a digital storytelling technique that narrates the story via scrolling. As the narrative is controlled by scrolling, the users have all the freedom to control the speed of the story, unlike a video that goes by the intended speed.

4. Animated Cursors

A cursor is a crucial tool for web visitors to control their movements and interact with every website. Adding animation to the cursor could enhance the user’s experience while engaging with your website. It adds a pop of fun and creative element to your website that appeals to your users.

5. Interactive 3D Elements

With the rise of Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality and Metaverse, 3D technology has been deeply integrated into our lives. The benefits of interactive 3D elements in web design can happen in various ways. It stands out from the flat design, helps create an immersive world for your users to engage and evokes emotions. For certain industries, such as real estate, 3D interaction provides a 360-degree walkthrough or product views that could drive conversion.

6. Gamification

Last but not least, Gamification is the most interactive and engaging web design trend of all! It is a technique of inserting gameplay elements into non-gaming web settings to increase and enhance the interaction between the users and the products or services. By incorporating fun games and rewards, gamification can drive participation and motivation to act on specific actions. 

For instance, the masterful Gucci incorporates gameplay in their L’Obscur mascara advertising campaign. The game is a mixture of golf and bowling, where users have to collect the mascara. It is addictive and effective as it makes players crave mascara.

The Web Design field is an everchanging industry. We hope this article somehow helps you to get clear on the current trends and provide inspiration for your next web design project. If you need help with web design and development, why not seek assistance from professionals?

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