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🏋🏻Flexibility is our strength.

We’re ready to creatively adapt to your every need without sacrificing the results.

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We’re committed to crafting magical experiences that get you wanting for more.

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By incorporating modern trends, we produce innovative designs to help reach your goal.

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We elevate organization across the globe with exceptional value, impact and results.

From retail advertising to
modern digital experiences.



Brand Strategy, Brand Identity & Positioning, Visual Language, Brand Messaging, Brand Implementation & Guidelines, Brand Communication.

Web Development

Website Development, eCommerce, Mobile & Web Application, Experience Strategy, Prototyping & Wireframing, User Interface Design, Interactive Development, End-User Experience Optimization.

Packaging Development

Packaging Design, Product Branding, Packaging Printing.

Media Production

Photography, 360 Photography, Video Production, Script Writing, Animation, 3D Modelling, Motion Graphics & Special Effects.

Advertising & Digital Marketing

Campaign Development, Content Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Social Media Management & Marketing, Google SEM (Search Engine Marketing).
Media & Print Production - Advertising & Digital Marketingt
Branding / Experience Design - Product Development

We are proud to work with brands who change the rules of the game.

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What Our Clients Say

We center our process around constant collaboration with our clients. Let's see if we are a good fit.

We center our process around constant collaboration with our clients. Let's see if we are a good fit.

Why should I choose CUBEevo?

We are a one-stop solution creative agency with more than 13 years of experience. Your needs will be met with comprehensive tailor-made solutions, ranging from branding, packaging design, website development and more. Beyond that, we also support the designs of digital collaterals & POSM, photography and videography, as well as printing services for paper-based packaging, company profile leaflets & brochures, banners, buntings and even festive special packets.

As a consultant, friend and “grow-buddy” to our client, we strive to support your every need, solve your pain points and accomplish your goals. After all, we only succeed when you do. Achieving your vision is our mission.

How do you structure your project environment?

We are a tight team of hyper-passionate thinkers, builders and problem-solvers. Depending on the type of project, your typical team might look something like this:

Brand & Project Manager
Art Director
Graphic Designer
Multimedia Designer
UI Designer
UX Specialist
Frontend Developer

We use industry-standard collaboration and management tools to ensure quick, smooth and easy communication with our clients as well as team members.

I like your works, how do we start a project?

We’re glad that you like our work! To start a project, please fill in our short quiz, then we’ll engage in an in-depth discovery of your requirements and expectation, followed by a short discussion to define your project goal and budget.

What info is required to get a quotation?

We believe every brand and business is unique. Hence, we’d suggest getting in touch first so that we can offer solutions customized to your brand. Once we’ve connected, we will walk you through the necessary details in order to provide an estimated cost.

What is CUBEevo’s core strength?

While we’re very versatile in our industry, our biggest strength is our ability to generate enticing and out-of-this-word ideation strategies for creative visuals. Be it for brand new logos, interactive website designs or campaign big ideas, we’ll curate and produce unforgettable visuals that will “wow” you and leave lasting impressions.

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