Classy Modernity

7Thirty is a Malaysia-born coffee brand that aims to bring classy and artisanal white coffee to consumers and coffee lovers. They called upon us to help with their new brand launch & packaging design as they wanted to position themselves as an affordable but high-quality brand.

We approached the logo design with a grid system in order to incorporate the use of various relevant shapes and symbols in it.  This led to a minimal and modern geometric design that symbolises an awake eye, the rising sun, a coffee cup and the clock hands pointing to 7:30. The logo and the tagline, “awaken your senses” reflect on the brand's character, personality and goal, which is to provide a cup of coffee to kickstart the day.

This geometrical design was then further developed onto the packaging background with more abstract elements such as coffee beans, the sun and the moon. We also applied a premium colour palette of currant red and rose gold to bring out the classiness.

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