2022 Packaging Design Trends Every Brand Should Look Out For

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As we went through yet another year of Covid-19 virus and its mutations, consumers are now looking for something cheerful and serene in their everyday product packaging.

In 2020 and 2021, the world has experienced a drastic change of lifestyle with lockdowns and shop closures. Packaging at that time didn't need to compete with each other on market shelves as all the supermarkets and grocery stores were closed. All 2020 & 2021 Packaging trends are mostly about E-commerce Packaging and how to “wow” your customers when they receive and open their parcel.

However, as the shops are opening in 2022, business owners like you might be busy sourcing out packaging designers to get your products up to display on the market shelves. 

So, what are the Top Packaging Trends in 2022?

Sustainable Packaging

Due to the pandemic, the public’s perception on health and well-being has changed. 

Most of us have started to reevaluate our lifestyle by focusing on what matters such as health and environmental issues. The damage of indecomposable and non-recyclable packaging have harmfully impacted the planet and we can clearly see the consequences.

Hence, the trend in 2022 is sustainable and eco-friendly packaging. In simple terms, sustainable packaging is packaging that has minimal impact on the environment. 

And this can happen in 3 ways:

i) Ingredients

The type of ingredients used in your packaging matters a lot as they can directly affect our mother earth. One way to go green in your packaging is through using 100% recyclable materials or raw materials. 

A very great example is Future Noodle’s fully recyclable cardboard packaging. When most of the instant noodle’s packaging is in unrecyclable plastic pouches or styrofoam, Future Noodle really stands out as the Future Noodle.

ii) Production Process

If using raw materials such as cardboard or paper is not suitable for your product, another way to save the planet is to minimize your production process and lower the carbon footprint.

The packaging company Biszon Flexipack has a sustainable packaging range that could reduce the resources and production process for packaging. Although the sustainable range is also made of plastic, they can be melted at a similar temperature and thus simplified the whole recycling process. This is because this packaging range is made from pure mono-plastic that is easier to recycle.

iii) Reusability

The third way to sustain your packaging is to prolong its life cycle. This means creatively extending your product packaging’s reusability in various different ways. 

Take H&M for example. Not only they’re using 100% paper bags, these bags can be folded into cloth hangers to reuse. How smart and innovative is that!

Clear Packaging

With the increased consciousness and concerns on health, consumers nowadays want to know what you have got inside your product packaging before buying it. 

In this era that’s bombarded with false advertising and click-baits, authenticity is actually the key to attract the attention of consumers. Hence, the transparency on packaging could enhance the consumers’ trust and loyalty towards the brand. 

This is especially useful for FMCG brands who heavily focus on the freshness and quality of the food. By being clear and transparent, your packaging will be able to give your consumers reassurance and credibility as they are able to access and check the food condition. 

For example the Japanese brand, Muji used clear and simple packaging to present their authenticity and originality.

What about the Top Packaging Design Styles in 2022?

Serenity & Minimalist

In the unpredictable and unprecedented world, packaging with cool and calm designs give consumers a peace of mind.  The trend “Less is More” continues to rise with monotone and muted colours.

For instance, Yogood took on a simplistic and minimalist approach to revamp their packaging. Despite the plain white background, Yogood packaging still stands out on the shelves with their bold colour that signifies the different flavors.


The rising popularity of retro or vintage packaging shows that even as we're moving into the digital age, consumers are still reminiscing about the olden days.

In Packaging Design, there’s two retro styles that have been speculated to have a comeback:

i) The Neo-retro style

When you think of retro, do you think of vintage faded yellow paper labels or metal boxes with quirky fonts? That’s the most iconic retro packaging style everyone can think of. 

The Neo-retro style plays on consumer’s nostalgia. It is more low tone, down to earth and less attractive, but it also gives the consumers a sense of familiarity and trust.

ii) ‘60s psychedelic

Another type of retro packaging is a more vibrant and colourful ‘60s psychedelia. While the Neo-retro style is general and non-specific to any sub-cultures or timeframe, this style is specifically born in the 60’s.

Vibrating images with exploded colours, words that look like they’re moving, grooving and melting; these are the simple descriptions of a ‘60s psychedelic design style. 

The word “psychedelic” is a combination of the Greek words psyche and delos, which are defined as “mind or soul manifesting”. And if you think about it, it’s quite true! It’s not that much on how you see it than how you feel about the psychedelic style.

Nature Elements

In this digital era, consumers are now looking to return back to nature because of the peace and serenity. Oftentimes, the natural-inspired packaging designs remind them of the wonder and beauty of nature that are normally overlooked because of the busy urban lifestyle. 

This kind of design is widely used in health supplements, aromatherapy products and cosmetic products that want to emphasize the use of natural ingredients.


While illustration is very common in graphic design and is widely used in packaging, youthful illustrations have been predicted as the next big packaging trends.

Youthful illustration is childlike, mischievous and quirky drawings that give the consumer a refreshing and young expression. 

Some of them come in eccentric comic style that stand on the edge of memes. These kinds of packaging would definitely bring a smile or a good laugh to your consumers. After all, humor is the fastest way to relate to audiences.

For brands that are targeted towards children or young people, having adorable illustrations on the packaging is a great way to attract their attention. 

Localised Packaging

By taking the local culture into consideration, Localised Illustration and packaging always have a huge impact on the regional consumers. 

For big brands who are expanding into different markets, localising their packaging can create a strong connection with the target audience that are both relevant and relatable. However, it is also essential to take note of cultural appropriation to avoid getting backlash by the local community.

Hmm…what colours should I use on the packaging?

Earthy & Neutral Shade

Earthy & Neutral shades are basically colours that are derived from nature, such as brown, beige, white, sky blue and green. These colours suit a more elegant and minimalist design.

The Earthy shade is mostly used in niche product packaging such as pharmaceutical, healthcare and wellness. 

As you can see, despite the fact that we are moving forward into a more digital and technological world, consumers actually want to be closer to nature. When our lifestyle has become more and more digitalized, we are becoming more aware about the harm urbanization has brought to the environment. Therefore, the next big trend in the world of packaging is all about sustainability with nature elements and earthy colour tones. 

If you're unsure if the packaging design suits your product, you could always seek advice from a professional packaging design agency.

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