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Transforming Flooring In Style

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Art direction . UI / UX . Web Design & Development . CMS . Global Site

Flooring is one of the most important surfaces in a house. It provides a strong foundation for us to walk, to furnish the rooms and to build up a warm and cosy home. To provide a better user experience on a digital platform, INOVAR teamed up with us for a website revamp and a social media project.


Brand Palette

Amor Serif Pro
Website design

INOVAR provides strong and stylish flooring for a stable foundation both indoors and outdoors. As such, we designed their website in a modern and stylish direction. An interactive studio was built for the audience to try out the various INOVAR flooring designs and visualise it in different room settings.

Social media

Social media is a place where people often seek the latest entertainment and news. Thus, on a social media platform such as Facebook that has a wide amount of reach and audience, we wanted to transform INOVAR’s page into an information hub. We shared flooring maintenance tips, live projects, as well as INOVAR flooring’s unique features with motion graphics and creative post types to bring useful information into the everyday lives of people and enhance the entire consumer experience.

Studio Inspiration Application:

We created this application with the purpose of allowing people the option to customize different floorboards according to multiple pre-set rooms. This gives them the ability to conveniently visualize how each floorboard will complement or ‘gel’ with the type of environment they’re in. Moreover, it helps enhances the customer’s UX as this app reacts interactively by providing different colours for them to choose and play around with.

Festive Posts

Engagement Posts


Total Reach
Interactive posts
with Higher Engagement

Google Ads  |  Google Display Network


Improved Brand Presence
in Digital
Result in 5 months
Around 118k impression generated

Social Media Series

Social Media Series

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