5 CNY Digital Marketing Tips to Skyrocket Your Brand's Awareness

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Finally in 2022, we’re able to celebrate Chinese New Year by going back to our kampungs. 

Do you remember how our 2021 CNY celebrations and marketing campaigns have been moved to the digital space as we were restricted to our houses? Well, although we’re now not in MCO anymore, the digital effort doesn’t just stop there. In fact, it’s speculated that we’re going to be more and more digitalized in terms of the festive marketing campaigns as everyone is now on their phone more than ever.

Without further ado, let’s look into 5 Smart CNY Digital Marketing Tips that could skyrocket your brand’s awareness in this festive season!

1. Draw into your consumers' emotions

Don’t festivals just bring out the sentimental feelings in you? This is especially relevant to the ones who are out working overseas and far away from home. Chinese New Year is the time to long for family reunions and gatherings if you’re unable to return home. Therefore, one way to evoke their emotions and feelings is to remind them of the joy of festivals and familial love through short videos like IG Reels and Tiktoks.

Users often engage more in emotional stories than cold hard facts. So, focus on presenting the sentimental values and importance of reuniting with family and friends when you create your marketing campaign. For example, Petronas has a reputation for taking the emotional approach towards their Festive Ads Campaigns. In this way, they’re able to reach deeper into their consumers’ minds and touch their hearts.

2. Engage users through Giveaway Contests 

Giveaway Contests are an effective way to increase engagements on your social media as well as brand awareness. After all, everyone likes free stuff, right? Particularly, if your freebie is a limited edition Angpao!

Digital Giveaway Contests are normally launched on the website itself and cross-platform to social media. However, depending on your goal, you could also choose to execute the contest straight away on social media platforms. 

The question is, do you want to drive traffic to your website or increase engagements on your social media pages?

Take our own Premium Angpao Giveaway Contest for example. Our main goal is to increase brand awareness and engagements on our social platforms. That’s why we started our Premium Tiger Angpao Contest on Facebook and Instagram and get our colleagues to share out the post. 

As a matter of fact, it is also essential to continue sharing with relevant Facebook groups to gain more attention. Since it is a niche and festive-related contest, we have decided to broadcast the news to the targeted niche groups such as Angpao lovers & collectors groups. Consequently, our Giveaway Contest post has organically reached more than 4000 users and gained a whopping amount of 918 engagements after sharing to the niche groups. Even after the contest has ended, we continue to receive tons of messages from Angpao lovers regarding our Premium Tiger Angpao Collection. 

3. Focus on offering valuable content related to CNY 

Another way to get your users hooked on your digital platform is the offering of useful and valuable content. Chinese New Year can be a stressful festival not only for consumers but also for brand owners and marketing experts. 

With everyone busy spring cleaning, shopping and decorating their houses, brands like you could create helpful content like “how-to” tutorials and guides to make their preparation process more efficient and easy. 

For example:

  • If you own a clothing boutique, offer some Outfit Trends and Ideas for this CNY
  • If you’re an F&B brand, create some useful CNY cooking recipes and feature your best products

Even infographics like Chinese Zodiac relatable content can be useful to those who are interested in this topic.

4. Encourage User Generated Contents (UGC)

User Generated Contents or Word of Mouth is still a helpful way to increase brand awareness, especially when you link it with your holiday campaigns. Contests like sharing your best CNY memories or OOTD posts can help spread your brand name to other consumers. Not to mention becoming a viral contest that everyone enjoys!

This smart tactic is a lifesaver for burned-out Social Media Managers or Brand Owners where they allow users to generate content and ignite discussions. Moreover, most users would trust recommendations from their friends rather than branded content. 

5. Create Relatable Content 

Lastly, humorous and relatable content could reach more users and get more engagement. This is because users can better connect to your brand when they can relate to your posts. 

If your target audience is the Millennials and Gen-Zs, one great example of festive relatable content is “How to answer Awkward CNY Questions graciously”. Despite CNY being a festival full of happy reunions, sometimes family gatherings can daunting to them when they are bombarded with personal questions from their relatives. With this post, you can better reach your target audience and get them to share with their friends.

Although this year’s CNY has passed by very quickly, these simple yet smart digital marketing tips are here to stay and can be used for different kinds of festivals. If you’re not sure which tactics suit your brand, you can always rely on a digital agency to assist you.

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