10 Digital Marketing Mistakes to Avoid in 2022

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Digital marketing has been a rising industry that many business owners use to market their brands. It may seem simple for outsiders, but all digital marketers know that it’s not as easy as it seems. In fact, it’s important to avoid making mistakes because even the smallest blunder can cost you money and undermine the value of your business. 

As it’s an ever-evolving industry, digital marketing trends and algorithms can be difficult to keep track of. Here are 10 Digital Marketing Mistakes to Avoid in 2022 to save your time and get everything right!

Social Media

Don't have a specific content strategy for different social platforms

Content Marketing is the key in digital marketing strategies. A well-planned and designed content strategy should be able to not only attract your audience but also inform and educate. Ideally, they would look forward to your content when they find them insightful. However, different kinds of social media platforms have different groups of users.

For instance, Instagram heavily focuses on visual creativity and design, Facebook users prefer memes and social-led content whereas thought-leadership posts or articles are a hit on Linkedin. Therefore, one solitary kind of content would not be able to increase engagements on all types of social media. 

Hence, you should plan and organize specific content strategies contrary to your targeted social media platforms. For example, when managing both Stabilo Malaysia's and Singapore's social media account, it is important to take into account each countries' preferences and focuses.

Not using Video Marketing

Do you know that Tiktok is on its track to exceed 1.5 billion users in 2022? 

This clearly indicates how powerful video marketing is. Big established brands are now using Tiktok to market their products to the younger generations. While Tiktok has been a successful platform for video distributions, let’s not forget the existence of IG Reels, Facebook videos and Linkedin videos that can be effective as Tiktok too. Video is an extremely compelling way for information exchange as it involves the two prominent senses of the five: sight and hearing. Hence, it is not only easy to propose your ideas and messages in the medium but also convenient for your audience to understand them.

Not consistent with content marketing

Another common mistake is not being consistent with content marketing. This includes the posting times and content types. 

If you’re using Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin, use the professional dashboards to research your followers' most active times for you to decide on your posting times. That way, you will get the optimum engagement you can. In terms of content, you should focus on what can benefit your target audience and potential clients. A way to do this is to think about the pain points and challenges they face.

Not optimizing the distribution of your social media posts

So you’ve planned, written, designed and posted your social media content. What are you going to do after that? You can’t stop your digital effort here!

It’s crucial to optimize the distribution of your social media posts. This means sharing out to your friends, families and getting your colleagues to share out too. Another tip is to share your posts with relevant Facebook groups. For Facebook, there is an option where you could set targeted news feed distribution. This way you get to target and reach your preferred audience by choosing their age, location and language.  

Not promoting the blog/website on social platforms

Despite one of the goals of social media marketing being to increase brand awareness and engagements, you should not forget to drive traffic to your website too. At the end of the day, the website is where your customers would either buy your product or book an appointment. Providing social links to your blog posts can increase the number of website visitors. Other than that, you can create a short version of your article and made it into a social media post to promote your article.


Don’t have a blog

Digital Marketing is not just about having beautiful and creative website design anymore, as having a blog page can help with your website’s SEO as well as increase traffic to your website.

Not doing keyword research

Keyword research is the first step for content strategy marketing. Not doing this critical step will result in you wasting your precious time creating content that your target audience is not interested in. Therefore, spend time going on sites like Google Trends and Google Ads to research the latest keywords trends and search queries. Then from there, you’ll be able to find the questions that your targeted group are asking and in return provide them a suitable answer and content.

The website is not optimized for mobile devices

Many business owners spent a fortune on creating a visually impressive website design, only to forget that more than half of the population now uses mobile phones more than a desktop. Having a bad mobile user interface can create frustration for the users when your page or images took forever to load out. This result in high bounce and exit rates for your website. That’s why you should never forget the mobile users! 


Not doing any email marketing campaign

Email marketing is absolutely important for every business because it is a powerful tool to engage with your audience and bring in sales. It works for almost every kind of business, be it B2C or B2B. For that reason, you definitely should incorporate email marketing into your marketing plans. 

Not getting rid of the email address that bounces back

After you have started your automated email marketing campaign, make sure you have to keep on monitoring it. This is because some of the email addresses you’ve sent out might be invalid and will bounce back when you do your email marketing. In this case, you will need to remove them from your list of email marketing contacts to avoid being deemed as spam and get your domain reputation ruined. 

In short, learn from others' experiences and avoid these mistakes:

  1. Don't have a specific content strategy for different social platforms
  2. Not using Video Marketing
  3. Not consistent with content marketing
  4. Not optimizing the distribution of your social media posts
  5. Not promoting the blog on social platforms
  6. Don’t have a blog
  7. Not doing keyword research
  8. The website is not optimized for mobile devices
  9. Not doing any email marketing campaign
  10. Not getting rid of the email address that bounces back

Ultimately if digital marketing is too much for you, you can always opt for a digital agency to help you out!

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