How does advertising help society

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It is often mistaken by many that the sole purpose of advertising is to ONLY generate new customers. While it may be true to a certain degree, advertising plays a much bigger role in society than one may think. Although its primary objective is to sell, it can also be used as a way to serve and bring attention to a particular cause or problem.

So how does it actually help society?

1. Educating consumers about new products and services

Advertising greatly assists in understanding new goods and services. The majority of the time, consumers are generally unaware of new products or services. With advertising, consumers are able to benefit by learning about them and making a wise purchasing decision. 

2. Promotes competition between different brands

Competition is inevitable in the world of advertising, but for consumers, it becomes a win-win situation. Competition among businesses oftentimes will lead to competitors lowering prices and improving their products and services to remain competitive because they feel pressured by existing consumers, potentially switching brands.

3. Supporting the media

Over the years, the evolution of media has transformed decade by decade. It has now reached a state that is fully digital. With that, comes the rise of news and media outlets such as the BBC. But with such easy access to the internet in the 21st generation, digital advertising has become a vital part of advertising success. Platforms like YouTube and TikTok are being utilized for advertising. This promotes the creation of more high-quality services and entertainment.

4. Job opportunities

There are millions of people working in the advertising industry worldwide. Jobs like copywriters, art directors, media planners and graphic designers are just some of the professions present in advertising. Businesses like creative advertising agencies are allowed to coexist because of advertising. This industry creates an immense number amount of job opportunities for passion and talent to shine in ways other industries cannot.

5. Promoting positive social values

The advocacy of societal ideas like diversity, inclusivity, and, more importantly, sustainability can also be done with the help of advertising. Important social issues such as racism, sexism, and environmental degradation are just some of the topics that are widely used to educate and inspire people to come together and take action. Secondly, advertising can drastically help to challenge negative stereotypes. For example, an advertisement featuring individuals with physical disabilities or from troubled homes working together to solve problems can encourage cooperation and understanding between people.

Advertising plays a significant role in our society, and its influence on our daily lives cannot be understated. It can influence the things we buy or sometimes even alter our principles and ideals. Businesses must adhere to ethical guidelines while producing advertisements to avoid exploiting the weak for their own personal gain. In the end, it is important to always stay informed and aware of how advertising can affect our choices.

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