Impact of New Technology on Advertising Today

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It is difficult to predict how technology will affect a company’s business and advertising strategy because there are so many variables that need to be taken into account. Prior to the rise of the digital era, marketing tactics were fairly simple. Capture your audience’s attention and make sure they return for seconds. Technology was not even considered a factor that could inject noticeable change into the company. Fast forward to the present day, and technology has greatly accelerated the expansion of advertising into endless possibilities. It has completely changed the landscape of advertising by giving businesses access to fresh, creative methods to interact with their target audiences.  Let’s dive into the impact of technology on advertising today.

1. Increased Reach to Audiences Around the World

One of the biggest, if not the biggest, changes in the world of advertising is Social Media. It has allowed businesses to engage with customers all around the globe and reach an audience like never before. Applications such as YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok have evolved into a new form of advertising. By personalising content using algorithms, technology has granted businesses the ability to target ads to specific audiences based on things like browser history, search queries, watch time, and much more. Social media advertising enables companies to establish a much more personal connection compared to traditional advertisements. This can raise brand awareness among their target audience, produce content that connects with them, and eventually boost sales. Technology has also improved the interactive nature of advertising with the use of ad buy. Advertisements that are displayed on digital panels, such as ones in Times Square, New York can be adjusted in real time according to the temperature, traffic, and time of day. Just by enhancing these advertisements with technology, it can boost conversion rates and brand awareness by a huge amount.

2. Automation in Advertising

Advertising automation is software designed and created for advertisers to allow them to advertise and market simultaneously on multiple platforms and channels. Automation makes completing repetitive tasks quickly and efficiently achievable. With the help of AI, they are able to create images, videos, and ad copy depending on the message and goals of the advertisers. Doing this also significantly lowers the cost and time needed for the advertisers. AI can also help with automating the process of ad scheduling and ad delivery. With just a click of a button, your ads can be deployed to run at any time to a specific audience. By doing this, the workload of the advertiser will be drastically reduced while still guaranteeing the ads are delivered to the right people at the appropriate time. Automation makes it possible for advertisers to reach a large audience in the shortest amount of time with pinpoint accuracy and consistency.  

3. Ad Campaign Optimization

Ad campaigns are vital to the success of a product or brand. With AI, it can assist companies in evaluating and monitoring the success of their advertising campaigns. To assess the effectiveness or performance of the ad campaign, the AI will measure factors such as social media activity, brand awareness, and purchase intention and provide recommendations to further improve the campaign. One of the ways is through A/B testing, the data collected will allow advertisers to further understand what works and doesn't, so they can plan out their upcoming campaign with data-driven judgments. This approach to advertising allows companies to maximise their highest-performing ads while avoiding wasting time and money on underperforming ones. 

4. AI Software for Ad Content and Management

Content creators and corporations are expected to create fresh and creative content day in and out, but what if sometimes the well of ideas just runs dry? There is nothing wrong with reworking an old concept or idea. Just by giving it a fresh new look and viewpoint or linking it to a popular trend that is going on, it refreshes the values and principles of your brand for your new and long-time supporters.

AI tools such as FeedHive, Buffer, Content Studio, and Flick are all social media management software that helps ad creators manage and create content much more easily and efficiently. Management softwares is often linked to social media platforms, including Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok. The purpose of these AI softwares is to give creators the ability to keep track of past and future posts and improve the consistency and quality of each post while also automating the publishing of the content.

The fascinating part about this is that when the AI is at work, it is able to help you produce content ideas, ad copy, analyse large sums of data, and utilise machine learning to calculate and predict the performance of your content before it is even published. This will enable you to hit your target more often with minimal effort.

There is no doubt that digital advertising has greatly affected the world of advertising, both in ways that are favourable and unfavourable to different types of businesses. Advertising agencies and companies are all capable of personalising their own advertisements in ways like never before. On the other hand, technology has and will bring more difficulties. 

Organisations will need to keep up with emerging trends and stay up-to-date with the rapid advancement of advertising technologies to stay ahead.

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