The use of AI in marketing

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Artificial intelligence (AI) is reshaping the field of digital marketing. These powerful technologies enable corporations to capitalise on information derived from data to improve client interactions, maximise advertising, and discover untapped prospects. With AI becoming more and more popular as time goes on, it leads people to wonder. “How is artificial intelligence used in marketing”. In this article, let's dive in on how AI is used in marketing!

So how is AI used?

1. Content Personalisation

AI is used to personalise advertising messages to target specific audiences. Consumer data such as purchase history, internet activity, or browsing behaviour is all collected to create personalised recommendations for potential consumers. Its ability to also anticipate and predict possible content that could be of interest to a target audience by applying machine learning algorithms to learn is vital to a lot of businesses that develop content strategies to get optimum results. This allows them to increase engagement by sending the appropriate information to their potential audiences.

2. Measurement and Analysis

One of the key applications of AI in marketing is data analytics. It is able to gather, sort, and summarise vast volumes of data from several marketing initiatives and can also be used to track and evaluate the effectiveness of its advertising and marketing. AI can greatly assist companies in determining what is and isn't effective and making the necessary changes to improve. This method will help organisations save tons of time in understanding their own advertising strategy.

3. Content Generation

AI is also widely used in content generation. The creation of articles or blog titles, social media posts, captions, or even content ideas. AI-generated content has quickly become one of the norms when it comes to content generation, just because it helps save so much time. With the assistance of AI, content generation has become considerably more efficient. However, this also means that the competition to achieve higher rankings for articles has intensified. As a result, the expectations from search engines have risen. It is important to note that not every AI-generated piece of content will be suitable, as a lot of the time, content created by AI can sometimes feel artificial and repetitive. The lack of human touch can be sensed from a mile away if it isn’t at least modified. In order to make AI content more ‘human’, make sure to thoroughly edit and adjust. AI content should always be used as a baseline, not as a finished product.

4. SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Search optimization is one of the biggest benefits AI can offer. It is able to monitor your rival’s activity, recommend keywords to boost your search engine rankings, and even collect data on website traffic. These factors allow marketers to tailor their content based on the interests of their audience by learning their preferences.

5. Improving Customer Feedback

Another way AI can be beneficial to marketing is by strengthening client relationships. When your recommendations become more personalised, it will be natural to have a deeper understanding of your client’s preferences. This makes repeat purchases more likely, and with more purchases comes more feedback. AI will be able to identify clients that will stick with you or leave you. 

AIs are also widely being used in conjunction with creative advertising agencies. They are able to create a marketing campaign with the assistance of AI to re-engage with returning and new customers. With the help of AI, creative agencies are becoming much better at making marketing decisions. Although AI technology is growing and improving day by day, it is crucial to remember its limitations and adapt to the shifting landscape.       

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