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7·Thirty Coffee


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7Thirty Coffee
Brand Identity Design . Video Production . Product Photography

7Thirty is a brand born in Malaysia with a mission to bring unique artisanal flavors from around the world, right to the doorsteps of consumers, coffee lovers and caffeine connoisseurs everywhere.


To launch and position the new coffee brand within the higher-end segment of the market. Specifically, consumers who are interested in a trendy lifestyle, especially when it comes to enjoying products that are high in quality. To ensure a successful launch, getting the company's brand identity right before proceeding with the rest of the design for its brand collaterals was essential.


As a start, we took inspiration of the various elements within their end-product, alongside aspects of the brand's name as factors when designing the logo.

From there, we adapted our approach by using a grid system to create the shapes themselves as the key ideas we wanted to portray was modernity and balance.Thus, leading to a geometric design that is minimal, modern and in 'harmony' with all the elements placed within itself. Chinese wordings were also used as the brand wanted to target consumers from the Chinese segment as well.

As a result, the brand's logo was finally born, alongside it's tagline 'awaken your senses' as a symbol of the brand's promise to deliver perfectly crafted flavors that leaves consumers wanting for more. From there, we began designing the rest of the deliverables (physical & digital).

For its packaging design, we utilized patterns that were minimalist and modern by nature, as well as several design techniques that carried symbols to further enrich the meaning behind the brand and the products itself. One aspect of it, is the gradual color shading within the packaging to imply the start or 'moment' of sunrise (beginning of a new day). Another technique used was the 'fluid' design style in its elements to portray its coffee in evoking a sense of richness when brewed and consumed.

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