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Wolf Gelato

Authentic Italian Ice Cream

Branding / UI / UX
Wolf Gelato
Art direction . Brand identity .  UI / UX .  Packaging

As everyone knows, having yourself a scoop of ice cream is one of the most amazing yet simplest pleasures in life.

But indulging in too much of it can lead to unwanted weight gain & health issues, which not only puts people off but also makes them feel guilty afterwards if they do delight themselves with such a treat.

So, what if we could change that narrative & let everyone enjoy themselves to their heart's content? Cue - Wolf Gelato.


Compared to most ice cream alternatives, many don’t come close to the real deal in terms of taste & texture.

Hence, the brand decided to venture into creating ‘Gelato’, a popular Italian frozen dessert that is not only comparably delicious, but also creamier & healthier than normal ice cream due to the ingredients used, making it the perfect choice for health-conscious consumers everywhere.

Moreover, they wanted to incorporate a ‘wolf’ character in the brand as it inspires both adoration & controversy globally, while also representing their drive to leading the change in consumer spending behaviors towards confectionery treats.

The problem now was - 'How do we communicate that?'


To demonstrate that in its visual identity, a modern & 'granular' illustration of a wolf standing on top of a mountain peak was created to signify the brand's commitment to crafting high-quality indulgences.

It also bears the colors of yellow & white as it represents joy & positive energy, while the black symbolizes luxury & quality which reflects the brand’s promise and its mission to customers:

Delivering high quality 'Gelato' as a guilt-free indulgence that is exuberantly healthier, delicious and affordable.

This was further reinforced through the brand's positioning using a story we’ve created to captivate their target audience, which in summary communicates one singular brand value – Happiness.
From there, we proceeded with creating all the relevant marketing collateral for the brand such as name cards, packaging design, digital banners, e-commerce site & more, to help them with the official launch of their brand.

Shown below is a short video of how the site looks like as well.

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