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Have A Good Start With Yogood Muesli

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Web Design & Development

Known as one of the popular Malaysian brands in the healthy niche, Yogood is often recognized for their healthy gourmet muesli bars and cereals amongst consumers.

For this project, the brand decided to revamped their website with us.

The visual direction chosen was a modernistic look to align with their brand messageof providing both healthier and tastier food choices for all.


A minimalist and modern UI/UX design was the solution to Yogood’s website, as we wanted the brand to have a refreshing look while remaining stylish and up-to-date with current design trends.

Besides that, the brand’s website was created to include digital touch points such as little animations to make the site more engaging and lively, while being user-friendly in interface design for easy navigation, mobile-compatibility and more.

Let’s create something amazing together.

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