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Maxell SSD

New Launching in Singapore

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With our day-to-day becoming increasingly reliant on technology, both consumers and businesses have come to utilize the amazing invention of computers to help them complete their tasks in the most effective and efficient manner possible.

Part of what makes that possible is hardware, or more specifically – SSD cards. In this instance, Maxell provides its users with state-of-the-art innovations from that category to allow them to carry out those tasks in such fashion.


The brand’s digital channel was facing intense competition as its industry peers were heavily investing in their product visuals as an approach to capture their consumers’ attention and interests towards their own offerings.

Hence, Maxell needed solutions that were able to help them stand out (or ‘cut through the noise’) in an overly crowded landscape


To better understand how we can captivate its audience, we dove into the values that were important to them – speed and performance.

From there, this idea guided our visual direction, particularly on the various concepts our team developed to design the brand’s relevant marketing materials.

Some of these concepts include:

Light – A metaphor to represent the breakneck speed on ‘fast’ the products are.
Rocket Engines – Ability to produce immense power and performance.
Ground Shattering – Extreme durability to protect itself from external dangers (i.e. shock and blunt force).

After that, we further adapted the key visuals onto the brand’s physical channel as well, such as billboards, hang cards, packaging design and more. 

Doing so helps ensure they have a consistent and cohesive omni-channel brand experience for its target audience throughout every one of their touch points.


The output gave the brand a creative edge to not only compete with its industry peers, but also elevated consumers’ perception towards their products while capturing their attention and captivating their interests in a delightful manner.

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