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Cultural festivals are a significant time for celebrations and big family reunions. As Malaysians, many of us can relate to the spirit of “balik kampong” (going back to hometown) for big festivals such as Chinese New Year. Therefore, Renault and CUBEevo collaborated for a festive campaign, where the main idea is to encourage everyone to drive back home for a family reunion.


For some of us who come from different states, it is hard to find a time to visit family members often. Therefore, festive celebrations are a great opportunity to reunite with our loved ones. We presented a static story where the elderly are glad to see their family members, just like how parents are always eager to seeing their beloved children return home during the festive season.

Initial key visual

This key visual represents a story where Renault drives you home for a reunion. We merge the two different locations (urban and hometown) for a creative image, it visualizes that by driving Renault vehicles, it is a safe ride that can securely drive us home to visit family members in the hometown.

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