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Tai Thong Mooncake

A Blessing For Reunion

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Tai Thong
Art direction . Illustration . Packaging Design

Tai Thong has been presenting plenty of authentic gourmet delights that celebrate the variety ofMalaysian festivals. There is always an abundance of festive dishes that reflect our Malaysian culture. One of the most iconic delicacies is the Tai Thong mooncake.As a way of celebrating this warm and joyous festival, Tai Thong aspires to evoke feelings of happiness and harmony in everyone through gifts of mooncake. This time, Tai Thong chose a storytelling method to paint a picture of our modern mooncake celebration through simple minimalist illustrations.


When it comes to celebrating the Mid-Autumn Festival, the first things that come to mind are eating mooncakes with family and carrying lanterns under the moonlight. With these things as the focus, we designed the visuals that would represent a blessing for a reunion.


Our team brainstormed the concept while working on sketching the visuals to discover the idealapproach of representing how the festival is celebrated in this modern day, as a way of making itmore appealing to the audience. After numerous attempts, we are proud to produce this set ofunique modern mooncake packaging designs.

Character Design

Designed a friendly and clean dashboard interface where users can review the progress and stay motivated with goals.

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