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Creative Agency is an umbrella term for agencies that provide creative solutions for marketing and advertising. A Full-fledged Creative Agency, however, is comparatively more complete and convenient for businesses as they also provide branding, packaging & website design as well as digital marketing. In fact, they could depend on your specific needs and requirements to customize services for your brand.

Whether you’re launching a new brand, or you’re only looking for website design, Creative Agency could help you in any stages of your brand building, not to mention enhance and leverage it. Read on to learn how they can help your brand.

How can a Creative Agency help in building your brand?

1 . Create Outstanding Brand Visual

Some Creative agencies such as CUBEevo also wears the hat of a branding agency. Thus, they have the professional experience and skills to design and develop a killing brand visual that puts you at the centre of your audience’s attention. 

By engaging with them, you’ll not only get to access creative resources from experts like graphic designers and art directors but also brand strategists and marketers. When these two groups of professionals work hand-in-hand, they are able to create brand visuals that are outstanding and stunning at the same time make your target audience tick. By utilizing their artistic sense and branding know-how, they are able to produce a meaningful brand visual that seamlessly incorporates your brand story and purpose. 

For example, take a look at this artisanal coffee brand, 7 Thirty. With just a simple grid system logo, it entails the meaning of a cup of coffee, an awakened eye, rising sun and the time 7:30. All of these symbols have creatively and perfectly engulfed together to create a modern and classy brand logo that represents 7 Thirty’s brand personality and voice. Simple yet elegant, 7 Thirty is able to stand out from its industry peers and shine uniquely.

2. Design Brand Collaterals that are in line with your Brand Guideline

If you continue to engage with your Creative Agency to develop your other brand collaterals, you could guarantee to have a coherent brand identity all across your distributions. This is because a Creative Agency clearly understands how important it is to have consistent and seamless brand visuals.

From the colour palette, typography to the logo usage, they could help develop a systematic brand guideline that unified all your brand collaterals. Through experiences working with various brands, many business owners fail to comprehend the importance of having a brand guideline. Yet it is extremely crucial to showcase your brand’s consistency and professionalism. You could read more to learn Why do You Need a Brand Guideline for a Successful Business.

As an example, Wolf Gelato’s Creative Agency has successfully demonstrated the seamless integration of striking brand visuals all across its branding and marketing collaterals such as name cards, packaging designs, digital banners and eCommerce site. 

3. Adhere to a Consistent Brand Identity & Personality

Even if you only engage a Creative Agency for packaging and website design, they could also accurately interpret, adhere and execute a consistent brand identity and personality. As branding and marketing specialists, they are knowledgeable and skillful in following brand guidelines and integrating them into various designs. 

Yogood is one of the instances where a Creative Agency that has packaging and web design expertise under its belt perfectly demonstrates its brand message on its revamp packaging and website. Keeping in mind the light-hearted and carefree state when one’s body is healthy, Yogood’s packaging showcase a smart use of white space. In line with its brand personality that’s stylish yet minimalist, the simple packaging allows a sense of serenity and peace with the breathable negative spaces.

4. Custom-built a Company Website for your Brand

Other than branding, Creative Agency also have strong expertise in designing and developing websites. Web design can be done in a few ways; either template-built or custom-built. Although everyone could build a website by template, only experts could customize a website. 

Combining the capabilities of branding and web design, Creative Agency is able to customize a company website specially for your brand that exhibits your brand identity, message and personality. For instance, to establish and strengthen NTT Data’s brand image as the powerhouse payment service provider that delivers effective solutions for advanced purchasing experience and borderless transactions, tech and dynamic elements are used to design their company website.

5. Create Compelling Contents that are Engaging & Informative

Additionally, Creative Agency is also prominent in content marketing and social media management. From researching and curating engaging content to designing attractive social media posts, they have the resources to execute as effective as a social media agency. 

In fact, they are capable to handle similar social accounts with different campaign goals and messages. For example, STABILO once launched the fun study experience campaign, 'Beat The Study Mess' on its Malaysia and Singapore account. Their Creative Agency did not only plan suitable content for both accounts that follow the 2 different campaign objectives but also execute them perfectly resulting in constant engagement throughout the campaign.

6. Use of Effective Digital Marketing Tactics to Drive Engagements

Apart from the creative brain, Creative Agency also has a pretty awesome digital marketing skill. Having the knowledge of the digital industry and trends, they have their own unique insights and tactics on what works and what doesn’t. The agency is equipped with copywriters, digital marketers as well as multimedia designers that could potentially leverage your digital marketing game and drive more traffic and engagement to your website.

In the established flooring company, INOVAR’s case, its Facebook page has been transformed into a digital information hub full of educational and valuable content. Whereas its website has evolved into a personalized flooring studio where users could pick and choose the kind of flooring they want through the interactive studio experience. When these digital marketing techniques work together, INOVAR not only gets to increase its brand awareness but also increases traffic and time spent on its website.

In a nutshell, Creative Agency is a jack-of-all-trades that is not only an awesome brand builder but brilliant in web design and digital marketing.

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