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Rasa Sifu

Raikan Rasa Enak "WOK"!

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Rasa Sifu is the sub-brand of Ajinomoto; it’s an all-in-one seasoning enriched with‘Wok Aroma’ and ‘Oyster Sweetness’. We decided to enhance the brand’s awareness by adopting the prominent red and wok visual into the overall design.

Design concept

Aside from being Rasa Sifu’s main choice, the colour red has always been associated with the yumminess of delicacies. Hence, we utilized the gradient approach to portray feelings of warm-heartedness for the campaign’s visuals.Moreover, the bold handwritten font acts as a personal touch imprinted by the brand to communicate the amount of care and quality it goes into the product for their consumers.


With the consistent design being applied onto different touch points and collaterals, the campaign helps portray both the colour and visuals to be bold and strong which helps improve brand recall amongst consumers. Hence, when people associate with the colour red and ‘Wok’ visual, it may remind them of Rasa Sifu.

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