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DesigVa is a renowned interior design firm in Malaysia and Singapore with years of experience. The DesigVa team has turned numerous residential homes into modern, stylish living areas. Their captivating motto says it all – beyond interior, DesigVa designs for space.To better reflect the philosophy of the driving force behind DesigVa, we collaborated with them to uplift the DesigVa corporate identity from logo, marketing collaterals, to web design. A key objective of this is to let a wider audience know of DesigVa’s passion in creating a better living space for everyone.


Interior design takes great consideration in utilising space to its fullest. Every step in planning and constructing the interior needs to be precise in order to build a sustainable and stylish house.Inspired by these interior design strategies, we implemented construction lines to reflect the precision and professionalism of DesigVa core qualities. The refined metallic look on the ‘VA’ logo also represents the modernistic outlook of the company’s founder.


Brand Palette

Font & Palette Selection
Magazine Ads –
“Revealing the secret of space”

We illustrated various furniture and fixtures using a sketching technique to create a visual perspective of showing what the audience’s living space can reveal. This allows the audience to experience the potential and possibilities that good interior design has to offer.


A set of functional icons follow the same visual language that we’ve created for the main website illustrations.

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