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Dryper Drypants

Provides Ultimate Comfort For Babies In Style

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Art direction . Illustration . Character Design
2018 - 2019

Babies are just irresistibly adorable. To provide the ultimate comfort for babies, Drypers has been improving Drypantz with softer material and allowing greater convenience for parents. Every baby has their own way of expressing themselves, and we hope that the pure energetic spirit of early childhood can be celebrated throughout their growth.Thus, we collaborated with Drypers to launch a series of Drypantz designs that embodies the themes of being active and sporty with catchy tag lines that modern parents can relate to. For many parents, their little ones are the centre of their world. This is shown through a fun illustration where a baby is drawn as the boss of the family.


The designs are inspired by the many babies observed from personal life experiences. There are times when babies are cute and charming, but other times babies can get a little rowdy. To capture both sides of the experience while taking care of babies, we put a fun spin on a baby’s unruly behaviour to resonate with parents. This can be seen from tag lines like “born to rock” and “part time monster, little but loud”, with appropriate visuals to match.


Our team went through in-depth research and brainstorming to create the best fitting visuals that align with the meaning of the tag lines. Through the fun and cheerful characters, the audience is able to understand the tag lines through both visuals and text.

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