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Art direction . UI / UX . Web Design

K-One Technology is an innovative manufacturing company with a diverse range of products in the fields of IT and electronics. It is one of the companies that has adopted the Industry 4.0 model (smart industry), with products involving surveillance gadgets, consumer electronics, lifestyle products, IoT devices and many more. We were approached by K-One to revamp their existing website into a modern and professional corporate website that can uplift the entire online branding of K-One.


The whole website is driven by K-One’s brand identity. We applied the company’s brand colour of blue as the primary colour and matched it with various different shades of blue to create a futuristic image. We also segregated the K shape and created a polygon pattern out of it. The polygons represent a form of creativity and innovation as it can combine to form a variety of possibilities and outcomes, which aligns with the K-One company philosophy.

Futuristic Approach

The IT and electronics fields are usually associated with various up-and-coming advanced and new technologies. Therefore, we paid particular attention to the image selection, while providing editing effects on the photo and recolouring the whole image so as to ensure that the whole tone and manner would match with the futuristic approach.

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