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Sun Ten

Essence from Sun Ten

Art direction .  Packaging . Print . Leaflet


Chicken essence is a healthy herbal drink adored by many, and is especially prominent in Asian cultures. Although chicken essence is typically associated with the form of a small glass bottle, SunTen has decided to shake up the formula. This time, SunTen has launched a high-concentration chicken essence made from Taiwan black-feathered chicken with a new form of convenient packaging for ease of preparation. CUBEevo helped to create a visual identity for this newly launched product, and released a key visual leaflet that describes the features and benefits of this new form of chicken essence to consumers.

1st Option

Taiwan is known for its natural hot springs (onsen) where people go to unwind and relax. As a fun little reference, we illustrated the Taiwan black-feathered chicken enjoying its sweet time in the hot springs. We used a mild colour palette to showcase the calming natural environment and highlight the presence of the Taiwan black-feathered chicken.

2nd option

Pink and blue creates a striking yet soft contrast, with light-hearted colours that bring out the young and cheerful manner of the packaging design. We also applied an abstract watercolor texture to represent the calming and fluid nature of chicken essence.

3rd option

To showcase a modern and elegant design, we embossed the graceful strokes that resemble the iconic feature of Taiwanese black-feathered chickens – its smooth and glossy dark feathers. As a final touch, we proposed gold stamping to give it a refined element.

The Result

For the end result, we combined various elements from the previous options and transformed it to a cohesive and sophisticated packaging. For the product packaging itself, we created a drip effect to highlight the unique characteristic of the product – Drip Essence of Chicken

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